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I get it…

You’re a busy lady!

You have a business to run, clients to care for, and the world to conquer.

You don’t have time to commit to meeting with a coach… but you want the guidance.

voxer coaching | lady and company creative | branding coach | business coach |

Daily Accountability + Business Strategy

Voxer coaching offers you the 1:1 support you crave,
at the convenience your schedule needs!

How would daily pep talks and check-ins with a business strategist change the way you work in your business? What if you could get instant feedback and on-a-whim communication when you get stuck on a project? How would your business change if you had daily contact with someone to bounce ideas off of, get encouragement, and to hold you accountable to those big sparkly goals you set in your business?

Would that kind of access help you grow your business?

Voxer coaching allows you to reach out and get the support you need exactly when you need it- no more pausing your work to wait for your next coaching session! This is in-the-moment coaching that allows you to get your questions answered while you’re in the thick of your work!

That means quicker success and less wondering if you’re on the right path, because you have a coach in your pocket (literally)!

voxer coaching | lady and company creative | branding coach
voxer coaching | lady and company

Communication Via Voxer

All communications take place in a free app on your phone called “Voxer”. Voxer is a walkie-talkie app that allows us to send real-time voice messages back and forth to each other.

voxer coaching | lady and company creative | branding coach

Unlimited Coaching

Perfect for all those “How do I..?” and “Am I doing this right?” type questions! Reach out as often as you like to get coaching and support for your business on your time, at your convenience.

voxer coaching | lady and company creative

No Appointment Required

You never know when you’ll need advice in your business. Not to worry! Reach out at your leisure, as often as you would like Monday- Friday.



$199/mo subscription,
cancel at any time


Reach out via the form below!

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