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Get to know the show + your host! We’re chatting about why I started this podcast, how I chose the name, and what type of content you can expect.


2:53 | How the name came to be
3:16 | What we will be discussing on the show


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Hi! I’m Alex Lawless.

I'm the branding consultant and lady behind Lady and Company Creative. I help established brands grow their revenue with intentional brand-focused marketing strategies. We hit on the nitty-gritty, and build on-brand marketing campaigns that showcase the most unique part of your business: YOU.

I take the guess work out of what you should be doing next in your marketing strategy to help you reach your launch goals, and equip you with action plans to succeed like, yesterday. All while staying true to the passion and purpose you already have set in your business. Learn more...!

Full Episode Transcription:

Welcome my friends to the Spill It! podcast. I'm Alex Lawless, if you don't know me already, and I am so flipping excited to be bringing this show to your earbuds every single week. So before we get into all of the amazing strategy filled episodes, and the interviews and the conversations, and all of that good stuff that are going to be coming like super, super soon, I wanted to kick things off with episode zero. Basically, I wanted to give you kind of like the lay of the land and my vision and reason for creating this podcast. And basically how I hope it will just give you a little something different than what you're used to hearing in business podcast land, because really, I love business podcasts, they're like, honestly, basically all that I listened to, I don't even really listen to the radio anymore, unless I'm at the gym. But that's a whole other story. So when I started thinking about this podcast, I was super excited to get to bring you all of that stuff that has really helped me grow and learn and evolve as a business owner myself, but I didn't want this podcast to be just another interview style show, you know, like, the kind where the host brings on a guest and the guest teaches about the topic that they're an expert in. Because you here's the thing, I love those types of podcasts, I think those are great. And I listened to plenty of those types of shows all the time. But I had a different vision for my show, I really wanted it to be more so candid, super honest, and then also really entertaining. And I also really wanted to kind of give you guys all the space to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, like their actual experiences, not just their expertise. So more so strategy based on the experiences that they've had, and not trends or fluffy strategies, or like steps to 123 you know, whatever to accomplish some sort of x goal right? Now, I really wanted to create more of a roundtable style podcast show, where I bring on guests to speak on their true opinions of industry related norms and cliches. So that's kind of how the name of this show came to be. Because basically, I getting online business owners together to spill the tea on total BS strategies that you hear every day. So it's kind of a little bit cheeky, it's kind of a little bit controversial at times. Because I know that there's a lot of strategies that are thrown at you guys every single day. And I didn't want this show to be another one of those where you're just constantly being bombarded with even more strategies, even those strategies are awesome. And they're amazing. And it's a it's something that we all need. That's not really what I wanted this show to be about. I wanted it to be more of kind of like the opposite end of it, of where we're learning these strategies. But like, are they actually helpful? And are they something that you should actually be using in your business. So instead of throwing those strategies at you, I instead really wanted it to be real actionable business advice that isn't fluffy or self serving, or like sexy marketing tactics. You know, that's not really the goal, I wanted it to just be real. So basically, that just means that we'll have episodes discussing even some controversial topics, like I mentioned before, things like I know, an upcoming episode is I'm having a guest on where she's going to be chatting all about why she ditched her email list, which I know that one's probably going to be pretty controversial. I know, I feel like it's controversial. And so it's one of those types of shows where sometimes me and my guests may not even agree on the topic. And that's okay. And I think that's going to bring something totally new and fresh and different to business podcast. So I'm super excited about it. Because I know that there's going to be some juicy topics in there for sure. And things that you guys are really wanting to know. So really, the reason why I wanted to have a show that goes this route, is because I fully believe that owning and running an online business is easy. But the reason that we feel like it's not is because we're constantly being thrown these new strategies, and these new strategies feel really exciting. So we drop everything. And we run to create a new funnel, or, you know, do some different type of ads campaign or whatever it is that we're being told that day that we should be doing, that sounds new and exciting. But at the end of the day, that just ends up wasting our time and not serving our audiences in the ways that they need. Because those new things are just distracting us from truly what makes our businesses run smoothly. And if you know me and what I teach through my business, and through my programs at all, you know that I am all about working on tasks in your business that not only feel good and fun, but that also drive the income needle forward. Because if our business isn't growing in that way, we become stagnant. And that's never a good business practice, we should always be looking forward and growing and figure the next best thing and serving our audience and our clients and customers in the ways that they need now. And then looking to how they're going to need to be served in the future as well. And so who better to learn from them business owners that have already been where you are, right? So anyway, I hope that you'll join me every single week as I release all of these new episodes where myself and all of the guests are going to dish our true opinions on the common business trends, strategies and mindsets that fill your social media feeds and your inbox in your email on the daily. So I hope that I will see you in the next episode. Thank you so much for tuning in.

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Spill It! with Alex Lawless is a roundtable-style podcast that brings a unique spin to online business strategy by creating a space for seasoned entrepreneurs to hold judgment-free and opinion-based conversations on industry topics, norms, and cliches. View more episodes….

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