New Business Launch Plan

New Business Launch Plan

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So you’re launching a business…

You have a million and one tasks swimming around in your head that you need to do to get your business off the ground.

You’ve read blog posts, searched on Pinterest, and asked questions in Facebook Groups, but you’re still confused about what order to actually DO these tasks in.

That’s where this Launch Plan comes in!

This Launch Plan walks you through the entire launching process to get your business movin’ and groovin’ in just 1 month!


A peek inside a Trello Launch Plan!


The New Business Launch Plan (NBLP) breaks down individual tasks to complete week by week over the next month. Your NBLP includes links to references to complete each task, and gives you the ability to add due dates to added accountability!

Included in Trello Launch Plan:
-Steps to raise hype for your launch
-How to get people on your email list
-What pages to include on your website
-How to brand your business
-Week by week task cards with detailed checklists
-Ability to add due dates to tasks and sync them to your calendar for added accountability

Here’s how it’s gonna go down...
1) You’ll decide you need a NBLP and purchase it right here in our shop
2) You’ll be so excited to get started that you’ll immediately head right over to to create a totally free Trello account
3) You’ll wonder how to add the NBLP to your account, so you’ll head over to your email where you’ll find an email from us waiting for you
4) Inside the email, you’ll see a link to your Trello Board and a link to a tutorial that will walk you through adding it to your account. You’ll watch the video and then follow the steps to add it to your account.
5) Launch, baby, launch!

Launch In Review
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"My Trello Launch Plan from Alex finally ended the "analysis paralysis" that was stopping me from taking action to finally create a blog. Having clear, easy-to-follow steps broken down in a manageable way changed the launch process in my mind from "dreading it" to "totally doable." I also loved having access to Alex through Voxer. Anytime I got stuck, she was right there!"

-Virgina J.