Brand Quickie | Filigree

Brand Quickie | Filigree



-Color Palette
-Handpicked Fonts
-Brand Board
*Logo and Favicon include 1 custom name revision

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-These might be Brand Quickies but they aren't two-timers.
Each design is one-of-a-kind. So, once it's yours- it's yours for good.

-The Logo and Favicon include one custom name revision.
Extra revisions are welcome, but will be subject to additional fees and timelines.

-Receive your completed Brand Quickie Kit (with included name revisions) within 24hrs of purchase.

-All files will be delivered digitally in the following formats:
PNG & PDF (The optimum files for both web and print purposes)

-You will receive the following files:
Logo (color png, black png, white png- all with transparent backgrounds)
Favicon (color png, black png, white png- all with transparent backgrounds)
Fonts (informational pdf with links to download any applicable font files as well as instructions on how to use/install them, sample text image showcasing where to place your fonts within text stylings)
Brand Board (full color pdf with brand styling information such as font names, color palette with color codes, and inspirational styled images*)

*Inspirational styled images are not for commercial use. These are simply to display a general "look and feel" this brand will give off.

**Once the Brand Quickie files have been sent to you, we will no longer accept refunds or exchanges of any kind.



And I know you have something amazing to offer that the world needs #RightThisSecond. But, there's one tiny thing holding you back from launching that thing. Your branding.

As a new business owner, you want your brand to not only stand up to the competition but also to stand out. You want something unique, eye-catching, and something that will have your customers fawning over you.

Well, I'm about to give you the kind of brand that will start your business off on the right foot, real fast. Like, less than 24hrs fast.

I'm talking getting your biz branded to perfection with a literally click of a button. And zero legwork from you.