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what if you could…

Shift your business to highlight your passions and serve your audience in a more meaningful way? 

When you embrace the journey you've been chosen to lead, listen to your audience (+ your gut), and choose to follow your passions...Everything falls into place


Who you are is not a mistake

Where your business is now, and every twist and turn along the way, has brought to this exact moment.

Sitting here. On your computer. Looking for a way to pivot your business so you can reach those big dreamy goals.

When you first started your business, you thought you had it all figured out. You knew what you wanted to do, who you wanted to do it for, and you were so sure that you were on the right track. 

But, your business grew, and so did you. Your passions shifted, your focus evolved, and along the way you started to feel disconnected from your business.

But, the amazing thing about owning your own business, is that you are the boss! You can make the call to pivot your business in a way that not only serves you, but also serves your audience better! You have the power to choose your own path, switch from one path to another, or blaze an entirly new one if it isn't already there. You can wake up one day and say "I'm ready to make a change" and then just go out and do it.  

So maybe you've been dreaming about pivoting your business for a while, or maybe this is fresh on your mind ... No matter your timeline, know that you have the power to choose to go for it. And, know that you have the tools already within you to make it happen, your brand just needs to do some catching up!

...and i'm here to help you do it!


12 weeks of one-on-one brand coaching.

Brand Coaching is the space where business coaching, life coaching, and design meet. I help my clients take who they are, what lights them up, and what makes them truly unique, and help them create a brand that speaks not only to thembut from them. This means we hit on the nitty gritty and (sometimes) the hard-life-stuff that has shaped you into who you are today. We talk about how who you are can be used to create a never seen before business model. 

Through weekly coaching calls, we work togther to take your big dreamy business idea and turn it into a gorgeous online presence that speaks from your passions and showcases your talents.

We pivot your business by going from idea to creation to implementation to launch.

This means that I am there to hold your hand through the entire rebranding process to make sure that your brand is cohesive across all your visual, messaging, social media, and web mediums.

And then? I coach you through launching your new brand to your audience! We work together to create a plan to get people hyped and excited for what your new brand holds.

This way, you have peeps itching to work with you on the day you launch.

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"Alex's process helped me think about who I am as a biz person, how to be my authentic self, and how to tie it all together in a pretty bow. I have never been so excited to just be me!"




Defining The Pivot

weeks 1-4

Week 1:
 Getting clear on your new direction

Week 2: Refining your dream client

Week 3: Brand design
(logo, color palette, favicon, hand picked fonts, brand board, and business cards- all designed by us!)

Week 4: Honing in on your brand voice

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Social Media Strategy

weeks 5-6

Week 5: Branding your social media
(3 social media graphic templates- designed by us!)

Week 6: Creating a social media posting strategy

Re-Launch Plan & Website Creation

weeks 7-11

Weeks 7-11:
 Website design
(6 page Squarespace website- designed by us!)


Weekly support to help you build your audience and raise hype for your re-launch.
Plus, we'll help you transition your current audience to your new brand!

lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy

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Virtual Re-Launch Party

week 12 and beyond

Week 12:
Website Orientation and final Q+A

🚀Launch Party!: We'll blow virtual party horns for your re-launch on our social accounts and feature you on the LCC blog!

Beyond: We'll stay in touch via the free Lady and Company Community on Facebook.

-Payment Plans-

Pay in full: $4997
2 payments: $2499


Need more convincing?

Check out this interview with a past client who re-branded her business with us!

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This is 100% for you if...

You feel stuck or you don’t feel connected to your brand/business any longer

Your why has shifted, and you need your brand to do some shifting as well

Your brand just doesn’t feel like you anymore, and you want a fresh new look

You're looking to get a clear vision of your new offer and how to start getting sales

You're looking to up-level your already bomb-ass ideas

Your audience is asking for more from you and you're ready to give it to them

You're ready to do fulfilling work that betters you and your community

You're willing to put in the work, and you're receptive to contructive critism

You're open to growing not only a business, but yourself in the process

You're open to guided help, and someone to help you navigate the next moves in your business

You are able to commit to the next 12 weeks as we pivot your business and re-launch it

You want your business to showcase more of your passions

... or you're open to figuring out what the heck those passions even are

julia baguio | bloominess | rebrand intensive | branding coach | lady and company creative |

"Alex and I clicked immediately! She continues to help me focus on my niche and my why. That has shaped my entire business and keeps me on track to what’s most important to me.

We haven’t even launched my website yet and I’ve already had 15 orders!"

-Julia Baguio | Bloominess Floral Artistry



Weekly 60 minute coaching calls with me in an intimate and friendly 2-way zoom video chat setting (coffee or wine encouraged!)
✨ We'll talk about your struggles and wants and vision for teh future in a safe place, free of judgment
✨ You'll get clear on the direction you'll take your brand through open conversation and coach guided exercises
✨ We'll create a step by step action plan with due dates to get you and your business where you want to be
✨ You'll leave with all kinds of design goodies designed by me (kick butt logo, color palette, favicon, hand picked fonts, brand board, business cards, 3 custom social media graphic templates, and a 6 page Squarespace website!) 
✨ You'll have a hand to hold, and shoulder to lean on, for accountability and support
✨ Together we'll laugh, we'll cry, and we'll have dance parties. And, we may even end up being real-life friends in the process
I'll check in with you along the way to make sure you're staying on track and reaching those goals
✨ After our time working together, you'll have free access to me inside the Lady and Company Community on Facebook

rebrand intensive | lady and company creative | branding coach

Voxer Coaching

Unlimited access to me on Voxer for added support between our calls
($597 value, included for free in your rebrand intensive package!)


"The strategy and hype plan we put together, helped me launch my rebrand strategically! She helped me relaunch step by step, all the way to launch day! She even helped me grow my email list by 60% before the relaunch!

Investing in Alex has been the best biz investment I've made. Her coaching, knowledge, patience, and attitude was top notch! My biz was her biz, if it wasn't perfect, it wasn't done! I can keep going on and on and on but seriously, the best investment EVER!"


lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy
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well hello, love.

I'm Alex, Branding Coach and the lady behind Lady and Company Creative. I’ve been around the biz block a time or two: I’ve started businesses, watched them fail, found my passion, and built this business from the ground up. I know just how scary, fun, and empowering owning a business can be.

I also know that creating a business that is reflective of your personality is where the magic happens.

Tuning into what I’m truly passionate about and listing to my inner intuition pulling me towards my calling, has made all the difference in the world for the success of my business.


I know, I know, I say that like finding “your calling” is easy. But, really, babe, it is! I believe that we each go through certain life experiences to help us show up for others in the ways we once needed. And, if we use that as the motivating factor behind our businesses, everything else falls neatly into place.

Because in the end, who each of us is, serves a greater purpose than to simply just exist. We have beautiful brains that are capable of incredible things! So, let’s build our businesses through that!

The biggest motivator behind my business is womankind. Us ladies have so much to offer, but all too often women second-guess themselves into inaction. It’s not our fault, though- for the majority of existence, women have been taught to cause as little disruption as possible. But, that stops at LCC!

I say shake things up, try something new, take pride in your feelings, and fight like freaking hell to get exactly what you want.

Remember you were put on this earth for a purpose. USE IT! Create a business, serve others, and rule the freaking world!

I believe in you.

View my design portfolio here!

To learn more about me, schedule a totally free discovery call to chat with me one-on-one! 


Needs more details? I got ya!

Where will we meet for our weekly calls?
We will meet in a private video chat room on zoom. It's safe, secure, and only you and I (and sometimes my dog) will be present.

We live in the same city, can we meet in person?
Per the nature of my coaching style, and in order to conduct on-screen exercises, all meetings must be done virtually.

I would like to have additional designs made for my brand, Can I add that to our project?
Of course! I am more than happy to accommodate extra design pieces to your project! Additional single page/single canvas designs are just $97/ea. Extra webpages, and multi-page designs (such as workbooks, menus, etc) can be quoted to you upon explanation of the design scope.

What do we cover in the weekly coaching sessions?
Each week builds off the next to get you to your end goal of launching your new or reimagined business. We start with the brand basics talking about your why and your passions that fueled you to start this thing in the first place and then we build your brand from there.

Each week I'll lead the way so that by the end of our coaching together, you'll have a completely cohesive and unique brand that reflects you and your talents. But, this coaching is for you so please feel free to come with your questions and imput along the way.

Do you write the copy for my social media and my website?
I do not. I stick to my lane, which is branding and design. I do, however, have a copywriter I am more than happy to refer you to upon request!

Will I need to provide images for my website?
Yes, you are resposible for providing all images and copy for your website.

Do you have payment plans available?
Yes! You are more than welcome to pay in full ($4997) or in 2 payments ($2499/ea). Let me know at the time of booking and I will accomindate your invoice accordingly.  

How will I receive my design files?
All design files will be submitted into your password protected client portal. You will have access to files as they become available so you can use them as need as we work together.

I would like to house my website on wordpress. Is this something you can do?
I work solely in Squarespace, but I am more than happy to outsource a wordpress designer for you for that portion of our project. Please let me know at booking that you would like to request a wordpress designer, and I can give you a custom quote.

How is Brand Coaching different than Business Coaching?
Brand Coaching is the space where  business coaching, life coaching, and design meet. I help my clients take who they are, what lights them up, and what makes them truly unique, and help them create a brand that speaks not only to them, but from them. This means we hit on the nitty gritty and (sometimes) the hard-life-stuff that has shaped you into who you are today. We talk about how who we are can be used to create a never seen before business model. 

I believe that as CEOs we have the power to do anything we want within our business, and I empower my clients to believe the same of themselves as well. This means, knocking down barriers and truly trusting in our innate qualities of being our awesome selves. Brand Coaching teaches us that who we are is purposeful and we are here for a reason. Then, we can take those amazing features of yourself and create a money making brand that showcases you and your passions. 

What is your refund policy?
I fully invest my time and effort into my clients and I believe that you'll love working with me just as much as I'll love working with you. Because of this, I do not offer refunds or exchanges past our first meeting.


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