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Because sometimes, it’s not all business.


 Launching June 18, 2019


Spill It! with Alex Lawless is a roundtable-style podcast that brings a unique spin to online business strategy by creating a space for seasoned entrepreneurs to hold judgment-free and opinion-based conversations on industry topics, norms, and cliches.

This isn’t your average podcast interview!

When we created Spill It! we knew we didn’t want to add yet another business-strategy interview-style podcast to the noise. We wanted to open the floor to modern day online business owners, CEOs, and creative masterminds to spill the tea (or wine- your choice!) on their true opinions behind the common trends, strategies, and mindsets that bombard our audiences everyday in the online space. Frankly, this is your place to tell it like it is!

Spill It Podcast with Alex Lawless of Lady and Company

Our listeners are online service-based business owners who are looking for unfiltered advice, with a side of humor, from top experts. Having been in business for a while, they have tried many of the common and traditional business strategies. But now? They see through the fluff. They want advice based on experience, not trends. They want YOU to spill the beans on what actually works, and what’s total BS.

See show topics that are perfect for our audience

Spill It! Podcast with Alex Lawless of Lady and Company
Spill It! Podcast with Alex Lawless of Lady and Company

Alex Lawless

Brand Consultant + CEO of Lady and Company

Alex Lawless is a Brand Consultant who helps established brands grow their revenue with intentional brand-focused marketing strategies. Using industry-leading action plans, creative direction, and a whole lot of spunk, Alex has successfully equipped her online service-based clientele with on-brand marketing campaigns that showcase their personalities as the most unique part of their businesses.

Through the Spill It! podcast, Alex hopes to empower her tribe with actionable and experience based business advice that goes against common trends. Leaving them inspired to make moves in their businesses that will lead them to greater success and business fulfillment.



Speak your mind and voice your opinion! This show is all about unfiltered conversations.


Laid Back

We’re going to chat like friends. Come prepared to laugh + the drop the occasional cuss word!

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At times, we may have opposing opinions, but we will always respectfully agree to disagree.

Examples of Topics:

  • “Does the ‘Community Over Competition’ mentality lead to sustainable success?”

  • “Does follower count really matter?”

  • “Do mantras really work?”

  • “Our thoughts on ‘Fake it ‘til you make it.’”

  • “Screw your morning routine.”

  • “Why customer avatars don’t work.”

  • “Your logo isn’t your marketing strategy.”

  • “That one time I fired a client.”

…to name a few.

The perfect topics are those that prompt us to go against the grain and have honest opinion-based (sometimes controversial) conversations about trends, norms, and cliches in our online business industries. And then, top it off with a juicy strategy cherry for good measure.

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We syndicate each episode to the following platforms:
iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, + Google Play (iHeartRadio coming soon)

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 Sound up your alley? Apply today!

We personally look through each and every application. If we believe you’d be a good fit, we will follow up with more information regarding your episode and to book a time to record!


What to expect as a guest:

If we decide you would be a good fit for our show, we will send you a link to the booking page to officially set up a time to record your episode. Once you have booked your interview appointment, we will then follow up with an informational PDF packet explaining more about your episode and the preparation necessary before we record. This packet will explain the episodes outline, key talking points to prepare, recording best practices, and any other information needed for your episode.

During your interview, we will record the audio via Zencastr to ensure sound quality is the best it can be.

While we are recording, we will follow a simple outline of talking points provided to you in the informational PDF packet. But, as per the nature of the podcast, we may, at times, go off script- it depends on where the conversation takes us!

While your episode is an opinion-based conversation, we do ask that you leave our listeners with something actionable. So please come prepared to speak to your expertise!

How each episode is marketed:

We push each episode to all of our social channels including Facebook (page and group) and Instagram (feed and stories).

In addition to social media posts, we also post your episode’s show notes to the Spill It! blog. In the blog post, we will link back to you, offer any resources you provide, and also promote 1 item of your choosing (a downloadable or a paid offering).

Each blog post is then pushed to Pinterest via tailwind.

Our promotion policy:

During your episode we allow you to promote 1 item of your choosing (a downloadable or a paid offering) that is relevant to the topic we discuss, as well as your website and any social handles.