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 I hear ya, girlfriend...

You want your next launch to sparkle!

For it to catch the eyes of your most dreamiest of clients.

For it to showcase your digital offer in a way that is cohesive with your brand.

For it to boost your visibility and scale your income (and your impact).

For it to help you unlock the next level of freedom in your life.

For it to make you feel like the freaking superhero lady that you are. 

But.. you feel stuck on how to effectively execute a promotional plan while staying on-brand.


🎉 Launch strategy for online service based entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their business into recurring and/or passive income through digital offers- while staying true to their brand.

At this point, you’ve been in business for a hot minute. You have a solid roster of clients, a couple of members (or more!) on your team, and you might have even gone through a shift or two and pivoted your business along the way.

But, you’ve got big aspirations. You still want more!

You want to take your business to the next level, grow your reach and your income.

And while you have all these crazy awesome ideas about how a digital offer could bring in recurring and/or passive income, you just aren’t quite sure how to seamlessly market it through your already established brand.

You need someone to organize the chaos you’ve got going on upstairs

Someone to:

✨ Help you masterplan your launch strategy right down to the emails to send and when.

✨ Think outside the box and create a strategic plan that spotlights your brand and your offer.

✨ Hold you accountable and offer guidance along the way while you put the plan we create together into action!

Lucky for you, that’s what I’m best at, babe!


"The strategy and hype plan we put together, helped me launch my rebrand strategically! She helped me relaunch step by step,all the way to launch day! We even grew my email list by 60% in the process!"


business strategy sessions | lady and company creative | branding coach | business coach
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Step One: Discovery Call

We’ll hop on a quick video call and chat about your wants, struggles, and the results you’re hoping to achieve.

You’ll tell me all about the product, program, or other digital offer you’re looking to sell.

I’ll answer your questions and tell you about my process and what to expect while working together.

You’ll get jazzed and excited about all the things we can make happen for your business and if you think we’re good fit, I’ll send over everything to get you booked and ready to go!

business strategy sessions | lady and company creative | branding coach

Step Two: Masterplanning

I’ll send over a questionnaire where you’ll get me acquainted with your company as a member of your team. You’ll answer questions about your ideal client, the offer we’re going to promote, and your brand + business as a whole.

You’ll come to our call, dish all the goods, and explain your vision and goal for the launch plan we’ll then create together.

You and I will gather around the digital whiteboard (i.e. the computer) and brainstorm exactly how you’ll market the next big thing you have going on in your business!

business strategy | lady and company creative | branding coach

Step Three: Action Plan

With your vision in mind, I’ll create a detailed action plan in Trello with checklists, due dates, resources, etc. that will walk you step-by-step through executing your launch plan!

The tasks on your action plan will breakdown every move you’ll make during your launch. This could be anything from the new brand photos to get taken and the emails to write, to creating and promoting a challenge or webinar.

I believe in working in “sprints” in your business, not being in the marathon mindset. So, we’ll look at your launch plan from a birds eye view and then break it down into monthly action plans.

I’ll share the Trello board with you where you can then delegate tasks out to the members on your team, or work on your tasks yourself with as little or as much guidance as needed.

business strategy sessions | lady and company creative | branding coach

Step Four: Accountability

Between calls, I’ll periodically pop my head in to check on how you’re doing with your action plan.

During our calls, I’ll answer your questions, we’ll brainstorm next steps, and I’ll spot check you along the way to ensure your promotional assets are free of holes or missed opportunities!

I’ll share my screen, write out notes, and guide you through completing the tasks on your Trello board.

I’m here to assist, motivate, and inspire you to create an on-brand experience your audience will love, and one that will ultimately sell your new offer in a fun and easy way!

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✨ BONUS: During + Post Launch Evaluation

Getting your launch set to go is only half the fun, girlfriend! But, what if you run into a hiccup in the middle of your launch? Or if you want to know what you can do next time to make your launch pack even more punch?

During the cart-open period I’ll be in your ear to guide you if you need a last minute sales boost or marketing switch up- because, let’s be honest, you never know what curve balls will be thrown at you.

Then after you wrap up your launch, we’ll sit down and evaluate your stats, look at conversion rates, and decide what moves worked and which ones fell flat. We’ll look at areas of opportunity and decide how we can make the next launch even better!



This is right for you if...

You're an entrepreneur who feels frazzled with all the ways you could market your offer

You already have an established visual brand and a loyal following of fans

You want to scale your impact and your revenue by moving from a 1:1 to a 1:Many model

You have a digital offer in the works and you are ready to start thinking about how you’ll promote it to your audience

You have lots of ideas floating around in your brain but you’re not sure what to work on first

My Trello action plan from Alex finally ended the "analysis paralysis" that was stopping me from taking action. Having clear, easy-to-follow steps broken down in a manageable way changed the launch process in my mind from "dreading it" to "totally doable." I also loved having access to Alex through Voxer. Anytime I got stuck, she was right there!

-Virginia Jones

Lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy
lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy
lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy

60min Consulting Calls
Held bi-weekly in a private zoom room

lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy

Trello Action Plan
An interactive action plan in Trello to guide you through launching your digital offer in an easy step by step format. Complete with due dates, checklists, resources, etc.

lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy

Accountability + Support
A friend (thats me!) to check in, motivate, brainstorm, and treat your business like their own.

lady and company creative | alex lawless | brand coach | branding coach | business strategy | voxer

Voxer Access

Unlimited consulting on Voxer for added support between our calls
($497/mo value, included in your launch strategy package!)


"Alex and I clicked immediately! She continues to help me focus on my niche and the why behind my brand that has shaped my entire business and keeps me on track to what’s most important to me. My website isn’t even up yet and I’ve already had 15 orders!"


business strategy sessions | lady and company creative


*Cost per month, per launch. Minimum 3 month booking per launch. Payments may also be broken down into twice monthly payments of $425.


book a free discovery call to learn more +get your questions answered!