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I’m Alex

• branding coach • confetti thrower • motivator • graphic designer •

I help ladies grow their business through intentional strategy and brand awareness techniques


I help you connect the dots in your business so you can feel confident in your brand and boost your visibility!

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branding is every way in which your business is…

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Your visuals, baby! This includes your logo, color palette, website, and general brand aesthetic; as well as who is it seen by (your dream clients!).

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Your marketing strategy and how you speak to your audience through all your communication mediums. Think: Social Media, Email Marketing, FB Live…

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Your brand voice and overall messaging tactics. This is how you get your audience saying, “OMG, it’s like she’s in my head!”

Your business is your brand

+ your brand is you.

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Your personality, purpose, and passion makes your business unique

But.. it can be difficult to find that interconnecting sparkle to create a truly cohesive brand.

That’s where I arrive, wand in hand, to do a little magic dance around your business and help you clarify your next moves to reach your dreamy business goals (all while keeping our eyes on dolla signs!).

Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless | Branding Coach | Business Coach | Brand Strategy

Owning a business should be fun!

And most of the time it is!

But, every now and then we hit a plateau and then we’re ready to start thinking bigger! We want the next level, more stability, more income, and to continue to build a business that we’re proud of!

We want to grow with our audience, grow our following, and get in front of the right eyeballs.

I want to help you get out of the funk and start making strides to reach your big dreamy goals.

The time is now, baby cakes.

All you need is accountability and a hand to hold along the way! Someone to push you out of your comfort zone and unlock the fierce boss-ness that’s always been inside you.


 Get your goals, girl!


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“Alex is such a sweetheart. She's an absolutely amazing listener, and very easy to talk to (which is important when we're telling her about these businesses we invest our souls into)! She meets you where you're at with knowledge, ideas, plans, and encouragement to propel your business to where you're dreaming it can go. If you need insight into your brand, or if you aren't clear on your "why," or if you just need someone to help guide you, you need to talk to Alex!”

-Hailey Fagan | Hailey Amber Photography