I know that running a business is time consuming, babe! So don't waste time browsing the inter-webs and reading reviews when you could just purchase the same items that others know and love! Below is a collection of all the most useful, valuable, and most bang-for-your-buck items that us at LCC use and love daily. Click here for free printables + worksheets!


systems we use


We LOVE Honeybook and use it every single day in our business! Keep track of your projects in one easy to use software. Send invoices, contracts, questionnaires, and manage all client communications from your business portal!


An email service provider that says what it can do (and then some!). After hacking free systems for years, we finally made the switch to CK and we are not going back! It makes automations a breeze and our email sales have increased like whoa!


This scheduling software has made owning a business and meeting with clients so freaking easy. Everything is automated so all we have to do is show up for the appointments. SET IT AND FORGET IT, BABY!


tools we love


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