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6 Steps To Choosing Tools That Will Enhance Your Business

So you’re probably thinking about adding some new tools to your business to amp up your productivity. Everyone’s talking about automation and project management and you’re feeling like you could definitely use a boost in that department (we all could, right?). Well, before you dive in and invest in the first project management system or CRM you can find, here are some tips to help you avoid wasting precious time (and money) on tools that might end up not working for you!

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Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Strategy

You know that branding is an important element of your business that positions you for success. You know that it’s through your brand that you can stand out online and show up as an expert. What you might not know is there are three very common branding mistakes that businesses make that could be holding you back from a spectacular brand. 

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4 Tips to a Fabulous Pinterest Business Profile

So many lady entrepreneurs do not realize that Pinterest is a completely viable source of traffic for their online biz. And that it takes less time than they think!

And while it’s true that Pinterest isn’t classified as ‘social media’ per se, it does work like social media in that it’s a brilliant way to build that know / like / trust factor we all want with our ideal audience.

I’ve had clients for my main biz message me...

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How to Implement Client Homework (with Dubsado)

Whether you are a fellow brand designer (hey girl!) or you're looking to hire one (book with me!) chances are you're wondering what this client homework shiz is all about.

Well, simply put, client homework coaches the client through preparing, planning, and organizing all their thoughts and ideas for their brand. In doing so, it not only gives my clients the clarity they need to communicate their vision for their brand, but it also sets expectations and gives me the tools to go in a specific visual direction.

Most of my clients are new business owners or those that have been in business for a hot minute that want to rebrand. These business owners are either more left-brained and less design inclined or the have an eye for design but don't have the tools or the know-how...

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