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6 Steps To Choosing Tools That Will Enhance Your Business

So you’re probably thinking about adding some new tools to your business to amp up your productivity. Everyone’s talking about automation and project management and you’re feeling like you could definitely use a boost in that department (we all could, right?). Well, before you dive in and invest in the first project management system or CRM you can find, here are some tips to help you avoid wasting precious time (and money) on tools that might end up not working for you!

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Why You Need Tailwind to Boost Your Pinterest Strategy

You know that branding is an important element of your business that positions you for success. You know that it’s through your brand that you can stand out online and show up as an expert. What you might not know is there are three very common branding mistakes that businesses make that could be holding you back from a spectacular brand. 

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How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs so You Can Launch A Business With Meaning

So you're thinking about leaving the "safety net" of an hourly or salary job to go into business for yourself... but, you're just not sure if you have what it takes. I have been there and so has so many other business owners.  You feel like there's massive risk involved in taking a step back and being the sole controller of your career.

But why is that?

What about you being in control, makes you nervous? 

Is it that you're afraid you won't make as much money? That you'll fail? That people will think negatively of you? Or, possibly, is it that you don't believe in yourself?

It's okay babe, self doubt is something we all feel no matter our personality type: introvert or extrovert- especially when we are about to do something we have never tried before. It's human nature, and it is normal.

In fact, the number one thing that holds people back from pursuing their dreams, is lack of self confidence. And so, more often then not, those people will end up settling for the mundane so they can be comfortable. But I do not want that for you...

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