Why Squarespace Is The Best Website Building Platform

Why Squarespace Is The Best Website Building Platform Ever

Choosing where to house your business online usually means lots of research and pros and cons lists.  I totally get it babe, it's an important decision! You're looking for a mix of innovative technology and ease of use, and more often than not you're left with one or the other.

Previous to Lady and Co, I was a wordpress user. And I know that many people sing it's praises, but I just could not get on board. I am just not that fluent in code and it's something you'll use a lot of if you want to really customize your site. And I can honestly say, that is what caused major burn out in my pervious blog.

I knew I wanted something that was easy enough to use, and had loads of capabilities to make my site my own and grow with my business.

Squarespace is all that and the whole freakin chip aisle, babe.

Now, it's all I use- for myself and my clients websites. It just offers so much! Your business will be happy here, I know it!

Why Squarespace Is The Best Website Building Platform ever

Drag and Drop Website Builder

For those of us that aren't into the coding side of design, Squarespace has created a platform where you can build a website by dragging and dropping content blocks onto your webpages. It has made building a website easy enough that non-designers can create a pretty site that actually works. And on the flip side, it has also given designers, like me, the ability to create some seriously bad-ass websites that would normally only be done through rigorous coding.

Content blocks do all sorts of sexy things like:
-Social Media Buttons
-Newsletter Opt-ins
-Video & Audio
-Charts and Graphs
-And seriously so much more it's cray. 

Why Squarespace Is The Best Website Building Platform Ever


Unlimited Storage Space

I mean, need I say more?

Robust Templates

Not only is it easy to build yourself a website using the content blocks but there are also some seriously gorgeous templates that can help you with the initial layout of your site. 

There's a template for nearly every type of business under the sun, so you're sure to gain a little inspiration. All templates come with blog and shop capabilities and can be customized using content blocks and your own photos.

A few of my favorite templates include: Hayden (Lady and Co uses this template!), Bedford, and Pacific. 

Why Squarespace Is The Best Website Building Platform Ever | Lady and Company Creative


Easy Template Switch Over

When you feel like a change, or if your business has outgrown your current templates capabilities, you can easily switch to a different template without losing content. 

And while there may be a few tweaks you'll have to make to your formatting, the switch over process really shouldn't be all that stressful.


There so many developers that offer plugins for all sorts of things that will vamp up your site and make it extra drool-worthy. 

Cover Pages

This is hands down my very favorite thing about squarespace. Back in my wordpress days, I needed a leadpages account to create lead capture forms, and most of the time they wouldn't look like they matched my site because, well, they weren't designed within my site.

Now, I can create and design cover pages to do so many crazy awesome things for my business:
-"Coming Soon" and "Under Construction" pages
-Promote an upcoming launch
-Use as a temporary homepage to advertise a featured item
-Registration page for webinars/events/etc
-Giveaway entries forms
-Thank you page for email capture
-Grab leads with a freebie page (like the one below)



Mobile Responsive Sites

Literally every single Squarespace Template is mobile responsive. And with 56% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, this is super important! This means that customers will get a very similar experience no matter the device they are viewing your site on. 


24/7 Support

Because squarespace is so user friendly, I have never had the need to call customer support. But, in the instance that my site is doing something really wonky, it's nice to know that square space has my back.    


And honestly, babe... 

This is only 10 of the countless reasons why I'm in love with Sqaurespace. My business is happy and thriving here, and I'm sure your business would love it here too! If you'd like to make Squarespace your home, head over to my services page and book a discovery call with me! I'd love to design a gorgeous home for your business here on Squarespace!

Why Squarespace is the best website building platform | Lady and Company Creative | Empowering Women Through Bad-Ass Brands