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Empower Your Workday With These Mantras

Mantras and good vibes aren't just for #MotivationMonday. Nah, babe, you gotta tend to your inner boss babe fire on the daily. I find that when I start my day with a little push to get shit done, it fuels my entire productivity mindset. I harness the power of mantras and affirmations each morning and I truly believe they are the key to a successful and productive workday. 

Working for yourself means you are a one chick show- you're the boss, the accountant, the writer, the customer service rep- and that can be taxing on your soul from time to time. Now, thats not say that we don't absolutely adore our work and all the hours we happily put into it, but it is nice to have someone else there to lift you up and say "Ya know what? I think you're pretty great! Here's a little motivation to stick in your back pocket." So, allow me be that for you!

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