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Launch a Bad-Ass Blog in a Weekend

How many times have you heard that blogging is a vital part of running an online business? About a million, right? I really cannot stress enough how much blogging can help take your business from kinda-sorta-maybe-working to holy-crap-I-just-doubled-my-income. 

Blogging does so much! Like...
- Give you an outlet to show your potential clients how knowledgeable you are
- Allow you to gather emails and start building a loyal following
- Boost SEO through keyword rich text
- Help your potential clients get to know you and how you work
- Help people find you online through articles shared on social media
- Give you content to share on social media
-Create a backlog of articles for you to send to your customers with valuable information

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Offline Marketing Ideas For The Introverted Entrepreneur

Hey babe! You may or may not be surprised to hear that I am introvert. Promoting my business is not on the lists of things I love to do, actually, it's pretty high up on the list of things I'd rather not do.

Believe me when I say if I could snuggle into the middle of my bed and run my business from there for the rest of my life, I would.

If you share my shy tendencies and overthinking-ness, or if you just want to score some easy marketing tips then you have stumbled upon the perfect blog post. These ideas are a stress-free way to promote your biz within your local circle sans wifi and social media.

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Literally Just 52 Free Resources For Your Online Business

I am all about starting and running an online business on the cheap, babe. Why spend your hard earned cash on things that you can get fo free? Hello!

Free resources are pure gold to those of us that are starting a business or a blog with limited cash. In fact, when I first started blogging I literally had no money to start my website and so this list right here would have help me out to the max. 

But part of the reason I started Lady and Company was to be for others what I needed when I was first starting out. So, lets cue up the list shall we!

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