Offline Marketing Ideas For The Introverted Entrepreneur


Hey babe! You may or may not be surprised to hear that I am introvert. Promoting my business is not on the lists of things I love to do, actually, it's pretty high up on the list of things I'd rather not do.

Believe me when I say if I could snuggle into the middle of my bed and run my business from there for the rest of my life, I would.

If you share my shy tendencies and overthinking-ness, or if you just want to score some easy marketing tips then you have stumbled upon the perfect blog post. These ideas are a stress-free way to promote your biz within your local circle sans wifi and social media.

Offline Marketing Ideas for Introverts | Stress Free Marketing For Introverts


As a branding expert and creative online entrepreneur, I do understand how imperative online marketing strategies (like these ones) are, and I use them a lot! But, sometimes it's nice to know that there are a few things I can do to promote my business that won't drain my energy and also act as a passive form of advertising.

Offline Marketing Ideas for Introverts

Wear Your Brand: Create some "branded" clothing or accessories to use as conversation starters! This can be a bag with your logo, a tee with your tagline or a quote, or really anything to get people asking "where did you get that!" Then tell them you own a business and hand them a business card. Easy peasy.

Business Card Stacks: Speaking of business cards, make sure to always have a decent amount on you to leave piles around town. Libraries and other community centers allow this, but so do many coffee shops, book stores, etc. A general rule of thumb is if you don't see a sign saying not to, then it's A-OK.

Sponsorships: Most non-profits, schools, sports teams, and even local magazines will offer ad-space in exchange for a donation to their cause. Keep in mind, the more you donate the larger the space!

Take Advantage of Bulletin Boards: There are community boards literally all over the place. Coffee shops, grocery stores, the YMCA, and plenty of other places around town have boards that you are free to pin up a business card or a flier to. Keep it eye-catching and up to date so you can reach the right people!    

Mobile Advertising: Create a window sticker or car magnet to advertise on the go! Make sure your car reflects your brand however, a messy car can insinuate a messy business as well ;)

Old School Letter-In-The-Mail: Send postcards, coupons, or fliers to businesses and local residents. Add some charm by offering a handwritten note to say hello and why your biz might help them!

Offer A Pen: Get some pens and stationary made with your logo and URL and when some needs a pen and/or paper offer one to them and then let them keep it! I also like to purposefully leave one of my pens and a business card when I tip a waiter.. ya know, it never hurts!   

Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front

These are all one-and-done type of marketing tactics that will bring you customers with little effort on your end. Plus, the best part of this kind of advertising? You don't have to directly speak to anyone! Ahhh the introverts dream!   


Tell me about your favorite way to advertise offline in the comments! 


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