4 Tips to a Fabulous Pinterest Business Profile

So many lady entrepreneurs do not realize that Pinterest is a completely viable source of traffic for their online biz. And that it takes less time than they think!

And while it’s true that Pinterest isn’t classified as ‘social media’ per se, it does work like social media in that it’s a brilliant way to build that know / like / trust factor we all want with our ideal audience.

I’ve had clients for my main biz message me via Pinterest, as that is where they found me, and they think of Pinterest as being ‘social media’... so, if it’s workin’ for them, it works for me!
With that in mind, how can Pinterest help you grow your biz?

4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach


4 tips to a fabulous Pinterest business profile

For starters - you’re going to want a clear bio that highlights who you serve. And how you help them. Yep, you read that right. Pinterest users are hanging out on Pinterest because they are SEARCHING for answers. Much like many of us have hopped online and searched Google, many do the same thing on Pinterest.

That’s because Pinterest, ultimately, is just like google - a search engine, only visual.

So, how do you get your bio sorted?

4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach


1. Important Bio Prompts

Getting your Pinterest bio optimised for maximum impressions is easy when you have clear questions to respond to:

1. Who do you serve? Who is you target audience? If you were to fill a room with 50+ possibilities of your ideal customer, who is THE ONE that you would pick from that room?

2. How are you going to serve that chosen person?
What does she need? What are her REAL struggles? How can you help her?

You can see from this example below, that answering these questions will give you the starting point of creating a solid bio. My main biz bio reads ‘I teach pattern making, sewing, and fashion design skills. Join my free pattern making course at…'

I have a clear bio which consistently attracts my ideal audiences (I have three!). 


4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach

Now that you have your bio figured, We also need to consider the impact of carefully chosen keywords for your niche...

2. Keyword Appropriate Boards

I use the word appropriate because, if you’re anything like me, when I first focused on Pinterest, it was all about random boards filled with random pins; think snacks, cocktails, and fashion that I wanted to buy!
This broad approach is not the way to work Pinterest in your favor when it comes to your bad-ass online biz! You want to be as niche as possible so that you are attracting the RIGHT people to your amazing content.
The first step with this is keyword appropriate board names!

When I work through my client's accounts, as part of my Pinterest prescription package, I spend an intense period of time researching their niche. I use SemRush, Keyword Planner and other tools to make sure that their Pinterest is properly optimised to attract their target audience, by evaluating their own brand and their competition.

Why So Much Effort? 

Have you ever searched for something on Google, and seen a result on the first page of the SERPS that links back to Pinterest? This is usually a board or category on Pinterest, that Google has indexed. 
If your boards are correctly titled, that ENTIRE BOARD full of YOUR bad-ass curated content has the possibility of being found in Google Search. And remember, that is on top of your own carefully created content that Google has indexed too. 

It’s a win-win!

4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach

Example 1

This first example is my own Pinterest account, and you can see that each board is carefully named using keywords my audience will be searching for. 

4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach

Example 2

This second example is a recently created account for my Pinterest services, and you can see again, that it is filled with keyword appropriate boards too



So definitely take the time to do some thorough keyword research, and name your boards appropriately!


3. Keyword Rich Pin Descriptions

Yep, I said that word again - keyword!

The research you did for tip number 2? It applies here too! The third way of making sure that Pinterest shows your profile, boards, and pins, to YOUR ideal peeps, is to tell Pinterest what your profile, boards, and pins are all about. 
Pinterest is not a mind reader. It cannot read an image, and it relies on its users to tell it WHAT a pin is about, and this is done through the use of descriptions. 

When pins are created they are *usually* given a numerical pin URL. Like this one:  pinterest.com/pin/280841726743670300/

And sometimes, when Pinterest has no idea what a pin is about, it will add it to the ‘Explore’ section, and that pin gets given a different URL. Let’s take this example, from my main biz: pinterest.com/pin/Af5i2I4V0RhruFjusGnPuLioI4lTnN_-Ekou7yQZpZTVvedx4WCcDts

You can see that this pin URL is filled with seemingly randomly generated letters. This is a pin that has been added to Pinterest’s ‘Explore’ section, which means two things:

1. The pin is so new and without context that Pinterest doesn’t quite know how to categorize it, and so is placing it in the ‘explore’ area for other Pinterest users to help them out.

2. The pin has the potential to be seen by many more Pinterest users, in that it will pop up in the explore area, as well as in the hashtag feeds and as and when Pinterest adds it to your follower's smart feed.

This example below shows a pin that was created on 20th November 2016. It got around 9 or 10 repins over the next few days, and then? Nothing, nada, zilch. Until, 13th August 2017. My friends, that is almost 9 months later, before that pin got seen again, and subsequently, has sent a total of 95 clicks my way between August and December 2017. 

4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | lady and company creative | branding coach


How did this happen? Probably, the person who pinned it directly from my site didn’t ‘categorize’ it correctly on her Pinterest account. She filed it under sewing, but the pin description (use the ALT tag to define your description! Check out Lady and Company's tutorial for this here!) was actually about the process of pattern making. The difference meant Pinterest didn’t know how to categorize it and it was then sent to ‘Explore’ for further categorization help.

And yes, we have no control over how other’s categorize our pins, but if we make sure to use enough specific keywords in the image title and the pin description, we stand a better chance of having our pins be correctly categorized, and made ‘best pin’ for that URL by Pinterest. Which equals more traffic for us! Boom!

This is why it is also so important to only pin your original pins to boards that are relevant. Don’t confuse Pinterest. Don’t make it show your pin with a dog photo on it to dog lovers when actually your pin is about setting up a Facebook page. Give Pinterest the context, so it will then know who to show it too!


4.Group Boards On Your Pinterest Profile

One final tip I want to share because I helped Lady and Company's very own Alex out with a pinterest no-no… The first boards visible on her account on desktop, were group boards.  

Now, while it is fantastic to be part of group boards that are working for you, it is much better for you if you highlight your own boards before group boards.

Before Alex switched things up:

And this is how the account looks after!

So much better in terms of keeping people looking through the content on her account! And it means you get to keep all that hard work you’ve done, optimising your Pinterest account, for your business! Yes, you can have group boards - great performing ones are key to your growth - but don’t prioritise them above your own boards!

Now, in case you’re wondering how to move your boards around - it is simple! You’ll want to do it on desktop - it doesn’t work otherwise - and the trick is to click on a board, holding that click and then drag the board to where you’d like it to go on your profile. Just like re-organising files on your computer by drag and drop! When you look at your account on mobile, it may not look much different, as the iOS app shows boards based on 'last pinned to board’, but for everywhere else, your own boards should now be visible at the top of your account!

I hope that this has been helpful in showing you how to think about your Pinterest strategy. If you’d like to learn more, please do get in touch!


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4 Tips to a fabulous pinterest business profile | How to make pinterest work for your business | Eve Tokens

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