Literally Just 52 Free Resources For Your Online Business

Literally just 52 free resources for your blog or business

I am all about starting and running an online business on the cheap, babe. Why spend your hard earned cash on things that you can get fo free? Hello!

Free resources are pure gold to those of us that are starting a business or a blog with limited cash. In fact, when I first started blogging I literally had no money to start my website and so this list right here would have help me out to the max. 

But part of the reason I started Lady and Company was to be for others what I needed when I was first starting out. So, lets cue up the list shall we!


52 free resources for your blog or business

I'm not going to bother you too much with wordy explanations of each resource because this is literally just 52 free resources for your blog or business. So read on, babe, and start kicking even more ass with your online biz!


Social Media

Buffer: Social Media content scheduler

Pepper Filters: Make your own Snapchat geofilter. I repeat: Make your own snapchat geofilter.

Later: Instagram Post scheduler

Social Media Marketing Guides: A shameless plug to one of my favorite freebies I offer! 

Free Social Media Marketing Guides

Download the Social Media Marketing Kit


Figure It Out: Find the best times to share on social media.

Google Alerts: Free tool to see which social platforms are driving the most traffic.

Twazzup: Search in real-time for an analysis of keywords, brand names, and hashtags. 

PinCount: Find out how many times a specific URL has been pinned. 



CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: See how well your headline will drive traffic before you publish.

Portent Headline Generator: Or if you're stuck, let this website create a title for you. 

Google Trending Topics: Find the hottest topics and trends to talk about

Grammarly: Safari spell-check type plugin that analyzes your writing

Hemingway App: Simliar to Grammerly  


Website Creation

Lead Flow: Create pop-up of your site.

Wordroid: Generate quick names for your website or business

Lean Domain Search: Find available domain names. 

Weebly: Free subdomain website creation with easy drag and drop feature.

SiteLiner: Quick analysis of your entire website- inside and out. Also creates an XML sitemap.

Peek User Testing: Get a free screen recording of a real-life person using and navigating your website or app



Claquette: Record your screen.

Compressify: Compress videos files online.

Video Pixels: Free sick videos.

Kizoa: Edit your videos online for free.



SquareSpace Logo: Logo generator tool.

Hipster Logo Generator: If it's hipster you're going for, generate a logo with this tool. 

WhatTheFont: Find fonts from images.

Canva: Easily design your blog graphics. (I use this a bunch!)

Stencil: Create free graphics to post on your blog or social media.

Inker: Vector image creator.

Handsome Headers: Free header designs.

TypeAnything: Online typography tool to create and preview font combinations.

Font Flame: Find your fonts perfect match

Typio: Find fonts that go together.

ColorHunt: Play with color palettes

LOL Colors: Preview color combinations.



Unsplash: Gorgeous and free stock photos.

Pixabay: Free stock photos.

GoldenHour.One: Location based tool to find best time for golden hour photos.

Death to Stock Photo: Free stock photos to your inbox weekly.

Picr: Hire a photographer. 

PicTapGo: The best free photo editor for instagram (UPDATE: now $1.99- worth it though!)

Lumoid: Rent your camera gear.

Grover: Another tool to rent tech gear.


Business Operations

Dubsado: All-in-one client relationship management system

Your Biz on Autopilot Course: Free course with loads of free resources to get your biz working for you

Wave: Free online accounting and invoice creation.

Docracy: Legal contracts and signing portal.

Invoicely: Another quick and free invoice generator.

Pomodoro Timer: Time management tool.

Trello: Get your productivity in check with automated to-do lists

Proppy: Create sexy proposals in a pinch.

Evernote: Streamlined notes between multiple devices


Do you have any fav free resources that aren't on this list? Link to 'em in the comments below! Share that love!

Literally just 52 free resources for your blog or business