How to Tackle Limiting Beliefs so You Can Launch A Business With Meaning

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So you're thinking about leaving the "safety net" of an hourly or salary job to go into business for yourself... but, you're just not sure if you have what it takes. I have been there and so has so many other business owners.  You feel like there's massive risk involved in taking a step back and being the sole controller of your career.

But why is that?

What about you being in control, makes you nervous? 

Is it that you're afraid you won't make as much money? That you'll fail? That people will think negatively of you? Or, possibly, is it that you don't believe in yourself?

It's okay babe, self doubt is something we all feel no matter our personality type: introvert or extrovert- especially when we are about to do something we have never tried before. It's human nature, and it is normal.

In fact, the number one thing that holds people back from pursuing their dreams, is lack of self confidence. And so, more often then not, those people will end up settling for the mundane so they can be comfortable. But I do not want that for you!

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How to Conquer Self Doubt and Launch a Business From Your Passion | Lady and Company | Free Business Plan Downloadable!


How to Conquer Self Doubt and Launch a Business From Your Passion

In one of my college english classes, my professor told us all, "When you are stagnant, you die." I remember thinking whoa, dramatic much? And, really, I guess that death is probably a little extreme. But, I do understand now what she was getting at.

Basically, when you settle, you cannot grow and without growth, you cannot progress.  

So step outside your comfort zone, babe- because nothing great has ever started within one.

Step 1: Find Your Spark

What I am talking about here are the little thoughts and ideas you've had that got you thinking about the possibility of starting your own business.  Chances are you have already stumbled upon a few "sparks" by now- that's actually probably why you're here reading this blog post.

But, let's really hone in on that for a second. 

Think about the situations you were in that caused you to think, "I want to work for myself" or "I want to take my career in a new and exciting direction". 

Then start to compare where you currently are to where you'd like to be.

Ask yourself questions like:
-What do I like about my current situation?
-What would I change?
-What would I rather be doing?
-What about what I want to do is important to me?

Answering each of those questions will make your intentions clearer and, likewise, will spark a clearer intention within you.

Step 2: Define Your Why

Your why will be the driving force behind nearly everything you do within your business. And, if you've been following me for a while, then you'll know that having a clear cut why for your biz is something that I'm especially passionate about.

First, let's touch on what a why is not:
-It's not because you want more flexibility in your schedule
-It's not because you want to be your own boss
-And it's not because you want to spend more time with your family

Okay, okay... it's not just those things.

While all of those things can be a part of what is driving you to start your own business, they are not sturdy foundations you'll be able to build a sustainable business on. Instead, you'll need to recalibrate yourself to focus on what is most important to you. And that can be done through this simple exercise to discover your why.

It's a great day to start something big | Lady and Company Creative


Step 3: Create your unique take

This step goes hand in hand with discovering your why. While your business is based off of something you're good at, you will also want to feel compelled to use that talent to make a difference.

I truly believe there is room for everyone in the online business world, because while there might be a saturated market for your particular niche, you can offer something that is totally different than those in your industry. 

You can be different by:
-Helping a specific group of people
-Creating a new way to teach something
-Combining two industries into one business
-Working for the budget conscious
-Delivering your product or service in a unique way
 -Creating a new kind of client/ customer experience
-Creating a specific kind of community
-Using your passions to drive your business to do good
-Using your business as a platform to evoke change

When you use your business to pursue a deeper passion, you'll find that your motivation will be unmatched. 

Being unique and true to yourself = doing more passionate work

Ultimately, when you are emotionally invested in your business, you won't only enjoy the tasks built off talent but you'll also thrive in the journey of creating, marketing, raising hype, and the operations that comes along with business.

Step 4: Tackle Limiting Beliefs

By the time you get to this step, you should have a pretty good idea of what your business will be built off of as far as motivating factors. 

But, this is often where new business aspirers get stuck.

They have a vision for their biz, and even the drive to make things happen, but then imposter syndrome sets in and they freeze.

Thoughts like "Who am I to be doing this?" and "Why would anyone like what I have to offer?" start to creep in and they pump the breaks real hard. The good thing about this, however,  is that if you are experiencing those feelings, it is a natural part of the process. And, I'm here to guide you in how to overcome it.

1. Start by asking yourself if these are innate or learned beliefs.

Innate beliefs are those that you were born into and can often times be a result of your personality type. Introverts, for example, are typically more self conscious and timid causing them to innately feel a sense of invalidity.

Learned beliefs typically stem from societal norms and conditions. Women, for example have, for the majority of existence, been raised as second class humans. While we may not be seen as property any longer, and have been given the rights to vote, etc, most women still feel pressure and resistance within the workplace and everyday life.

Whether your hold-ups stem from innate or learned behaviors, they can be difficult but not impossible to overcome.

2. Next, ask yourself if you want to believe these opinions.

The first step in overcoming self doubt is understanding that you don't have to feel that way. And, just because it's how you were raised to think, or if those beliefs were thrust upon you, you can decide that you just don't want to continue living your life within those confinements.

So really think about what those thoughts are holding you back from:
-Is your happiness at stake?
-Are you risking a more fulfilling life?
-Do you want to continue to put yourself on the back burner?


3. Turn those negative thoughts into motivation.

By making small tweaks in how you present limiting beliefs to yourself, you can change the narrative and take control of how you interact with your self doubt. 

First, take responsibility for your negativity. This will put you in a position of control. So, even if your negativity stems from an outside source, saying to yourself "I have the power to choose to not let it affect me" will put you in the drivers seat.

Next, focus on the journey instead of comparing yourself to others or where you wish to be. Often times, we feel that we are not good enough simply because we see an end goal that we have not yet reached.

 Lastly, rewire your thinking and turn negatives into positives.


Negative thoughts:
-I am not good enough
-No one will take me seriously
-I always make mistakes
-Everyone is criticizing me

Positive thoughts:
-I am working on bettering myself
-I have something to offer that is unique
-I am learning
-I will use this feedback to improve


Step 5: Take action

After you have chosen to pursue your business journey, you'll need to take action to get the ball rolling.

First and foremost, write down your why. You might even want to write it down in multiple places where you'll see it every day. This is important because as you work on all aspects of your business you'll want them all to cohesively fall back on a certain set of principles i.e. your why.

Then create a business plan. I find that the easiest way to go about this is by working backwards from your goal. And to make it even easier, you can download the Backwards Business Plan freebie right now to get a jumpstart

The backwards Business Plan | Lady and Company Creative | How to Conquer Self-Doubt and Launch a Business from Your Passion


Don't let yourself get in the way of your happiness...

Conquering self-doubt can be tough, but once you do it, it's one of the most freeing experiences. You'll feel your confidence soar and you'll experience an urge to live life according to your own personal plan. And isn't that part of the reason why you're going into business for yourself anyway?

Now, I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say you won't ever experience self-doubt again- because, you probably will. I know I do a lot. So, maybe bookmark this blog post or pin it to a board on Pinterest for the next time you're having self depreciating thoughts.

Conquering self-doubt is only 5 steps away:
1. Find your spark
2. Define your why
3. Create your unique take
4. Tackle limiting beliefs
5. Take action   

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