How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page

How to set up a killer Facebook business page | Lady and Company Creative

Social media has made marketing your business easier than ever, and as long as you have an irresistible social media marketing strategy, you can post for free, gain a following, and showcase your work to drive sales on your website. 

My favorite social media platform at the moment is Facebook.

Facebook is the perfect place for any business because:
-Over 2 billion people all over the globe use Facebook
-You can reach every single demographic under the sun
-You can target exactly who you want to see your content
-20% of all page views online come from Facebook
-Facebook ads give you the highest ROI

"But what about that dreaded Facebook algorithm, Alex?" 

Great question, you thoughtful biz lady, you! We hear A LOT about the elusive Facebook algorithm. Some even suggest that Facebook for business is dead because of it. Well, I am here to effectively slash that misconception.

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Look, Facebook ultimately is a business itself. It wants us to stay on it's site and use it's features within the platform. That means that sharing from offsite (i.e. instagram or youtube) will cause your posts to get less visibility. Likewise, if all you are sharing are links for your followers to get off of Facebook, the good ol' FB will probably dock you for that as well.

So, while we can still do those things for our business, we also need to post things on our page that will earn us Facebook brownie points. 

Facebook likes posts that contain:
-Video (especially FB Live)
-Shared posts
-Trending topics

If we do that, Facebook is going to look at our pages and say something like "Wow, this page is pretty bomb. I'm going to make sure to get more peoples eyeballs on it!" Then our engagement will soar and we will all be happy little bosses.

How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page: Defining your dream customer

Okay okay, before you even open your browser to the good ol’ FB to create a page, you have to do a little work on the backend of your biz first.

I’m talking market research baby!

You can have the most beautiful Facebook business page in the world, but if you aren’t strategically adding content, images, and captions that speak directly to who you’re wanting to serve, alllll your hard work will mean squat!

So, >>take this nifty little quiz<< to see just how well you *really* know your ideal customer and then report back here when you’re done!

How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page: Choosing the right type of business page

First things first, you need to choose what type of business page is right for your business. Facebook has made things intuitive enough that when you choose the type of page you want to create, you will have certain features that coincide with the type of content a page like that usually produces. It makes your life a little easier, and also gives your followers the perfect experience for your brand.

How to Set up a Killer Facebook Business Page | Facebook business page types | Lady and Company Creative

Local Business/ Place
This is for all you "brick and mortar" stores out there. When you have a physical location where customers can walk inside and browse and make a purchase onsite, this is the type of Facebook business page that will be best.

Features of this type of page include: check in capabilities, hours of operation, parking options.

Company, Organization, or Institution
Great for online business as well as companies that have more than one location of brick and mortar stores (e.i. franchises).

Features of this type of page include: check in capabilities, hours of operation, reviews.

Brand or Product
If your products or brand name is supplied through more than one retailer or on multiple websites, this is the Facebook page for your business.

Features of this type of page include: reviews

Artist, Band, or Public Figure
This type of page is used for the sole purpose of promoting YOU. Great for actors, musicians, athletes, lawyers, entertainers, politicians, etc.

Features of this type of page include: reviews

For products/services that are classified as entertainment such as books, movies, plays, tv channel, news network, tv show, etc

Features of this type of page include: reviews

Cause or Community
Perfect for non-profits, movements, causes, health/medical/pharmaceuticals 

Features of this type of page include: check in capabilities, hours of operation, reviews.


How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page: Fill out your businesses about page

I know, I know, you want to get to making your page pretty with images and such, but I urge you to set up your about page first. As far as brand strategy goes, I find that when you take the time to first fill out your mission statement, add links to your website, etc you are in a better mindset to start branding your page with visuals. 

Facebook gives you loads of fields for you to enter all the things about your biz.

General Information
This is for things like your business's name, the searchable username you wish to use (i.e. @ladyandcocreative is mine!), as well as the categories you would like your page to be associated with.

Page Information
You can enter your mission statement and add in your business opening date.

Contact Information
Facebook gives plenty of free real estate for you to utilize including links! Your contact information includes links to your website, your email address, and your phone number.

More Information
This is where things get juicy! Utilize these fields to enter your tagline, links to your products, showcase awards, add a menu, and enter a privacy policy. 

The last section that Facebook gives you to put info is your business's story. You can use this space to input the same text you put on your about page as they let you write as much as you wish. In addition, any milestones you create on your page will also be showcased here in a timeline format.

How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page: Pretty up Your First impression

Here's where it gets fun, babes! When your customers first land on your page they can almost instantly decide if you are someone they would like to work with based off of your style alone. That's why the branding elements on your Facebook page are so important!

How to Set up a Killer Facebook Business Page | Lady and Company Creative

1. Profile Picture
Not only is your profile picture one the first things your customers will see on your page, but it is also something they will see each time you comment, post, or message them! For this reason, you want your profile picture to be bright and eye-catching even when seen as a small thumbnail.  

How to optimize your profile picture:
-Choose an image that is clear, bright, and showcases one item (either you or your logo)
-If using a headshot, make sure your face takes up a majority of the picture
-If using a logo, make sure the text can be clearly read when the image is in thumbnail form
-Upload an image with 800px X 800px dimensions.
-Add a caption!

Optimizing your Facebook business page | Lady and Company Creative

Another area that Facebook gives you for free advertising is the captions in your images. Use your profile picture caption to write a little about you or your business and add a read more link to your business's about page!  

2. Cover Image
Think of this as a billboard for your brand! You can utilize this space to advertise your brand further or even to raise awareness for upcoming events, promotions, launches, etc. Most brands will add text or graphics to their image to tell a story or add a little more information about their business. 

How to optimize your cover image:
-Make it cohesive with your profile picture. They are right next to each other, after all!
-Upload an image with 820px X 315px dimensions
-Canva has lots of free cover image templates for you to plug and play with
-If you want the image to be optimized for mobile view, bring any important text/graphics to the center
-Add a caption!

Optimize your Facebook Business Page | Lady and Company Creative

Use the caption on your cover image to tell your followers a little more about what your photo is about. My image showcases my tagline "empowering women through bad-ass brands" so in my caption I decided to share my mission statement. But, if your image is promoting an upcoming event, use your caption to give more details! And, as always, include a relevant link!

3. Call to Action Button
Another amazing feature on at the top of your page is the call to action button. It is known that humans are more likely to do something when they are asked to do so. So, utilize this button to get your followers to act on what you are currently pushing for in your business. Current options include: book services, get in touch, learn more, make a purchase or donation, download app or game.

How to optimize your call to action button:
-Make sure it works in conjunction with your cover image
-Change it up every so often
-Have it link to your current promotion

4. Pinned Post
When a visitor first scrolls through your feed, you may want them to view a certain post first. You can pin a post to the top of your feed by clicking the arrow in the upper left hand corner of a post that you have already shared. Then choose pin to top of page within the options. 

Optimize your Facebook business page | Lady and Company Creative

Great posts to pin to the top of your page:
-Welcome video
-Headshot with about caption
-Your current promotion
-An ad you have currently running

3. Instant Replies
To ensure that you're giving your customer the ultimate experience, you may want to turn on instant replies for whenever you receive a message! To do this, simply go to settings>messaging>response assistant and turn on instant replies.

Optimize your Facebook business page | Lady and Company Creative

Things to keep in mind when setting up instant replies:
-Facebook only allows you 250 characters, so keep it short and sweet!
-As always, add a link!
-You may want to let them know it is an automated message so they don't expect a response right away
-Facebook gives a quick preview of what your message will look like on a mobile device

How to Optimize a Killer Facebook Business Page: Setting your PREFERRED page audience

My very favorite thing about using Facebook for my business is the ability to target my dream clients. Since Facebook has a bagillion (well, over 2 billion to be more exact) users, your perfect customers are most likely online right this second.

On your Facebook business page, go to settings> preferred page audience to set it up!

Optimizing your Facebook business page | Lady and Company Creative

Ways you can optimize your page audience:
-By location: from countries all the way down to congressional districts
-Interests: Pages they like and their hobbies
-Age and gender
-The language they speak.

Keep in mind that the smaller your reach, the more targeted (and dreamy) your audience will be!


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