How to Schedule a Week of Social Media Content in 30 Minutes

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How to Schedule a Week of Social Media in 30 Minutes | Lady and Company Creative | Empowering Women Through Bad-Ass Brands

Social media is often times the one piece of the marketing puzzle that, well, puzzles new business owners. Between trying to stay relevant, and trying to stick to a schedule, social media usually leads to overwhelm.

But, I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way- and I know that because I have been in your shoes.

I have been in the place where I would manually post to my social media accounts daily, but that cost me my precious time and my sanity as I tried to juggle all the things all at once. And, I have also been in the place of committing myself and my business to too many platforms all at once. That didn't work out too well either.

Look, I get the appeal of wanting to be in control and also wanting to jump in head first and tackle everything you possibly can at the beginning. But, the truth is babe, we have way more important things to focus our energy on than making sure we log onto each social media platform each day at the right time to talk to our people. 

We just can't juggle that and run a successful business in the background. And that is okay.

WITH a social media schedule...
-You're content will be more intentional
-You'll still have an online presence in the instance that you are sick or take a day off work
-Your website and your business will see higher traffic
-Your followers come to expect your content at regular times
-Social media platforms push your content more as your consistency increases

WITHOUT a social media schedule...
-You'll post content just for contents sake instead of speaking with intention
-You will be seen as wishy washy
-There will be little to no consistency in your content
-Audiences on social media platforms will be confused about when and how often you post
-Your engagement will be lower

Because I know exactly what you're going through and had to suffer through the failures and heartbreaks associated with running an unintentional business in the past, I have decided that I am just literally going to give you my weekly social media strategy.

Like, for real- I'm dishing it real good.

But before I give it all away, let's lay a little ground work...

You will need to: choose your platforms, find a social media scheduling system, and batch your content.

Choose Your Platforms

While you are still a one woman show, it's best to keep your social media playing field to 2 platforms at any given time. Any more than that, and the overwhelm will most likely be too much to handle.

So, think about your dream customer and try to decipher where they hang out online. You can usually deduce this from thinking about their age, gender, and occupation. 


Social Media Platforms:


For my business, I focus on Facebook and Instagram. I do have accounts made on multiple other platforms (Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, just to save my username, but I do not focus my time on those platforms at the moment. Maybe in the future.. we'll see *hint**wink*


Find a Social Media Scheduling System

Where you are going to be pushing content to will determine which type of scheduling system you'll want to use because not every scheduling system integrates with every platform. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Hootsuite: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn

Buffer: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+

MeetEdgar: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Planoly: Instagram

TweetDeck: Twitter

I love Planoly because it offers so much at a low cost. In fact, LCC is still using the basic plan ($9/mo) and I haven't felt the need to upgrade. You get amazing features like:

-Autoposting to IG (Like, hello!)
-Search for and re-share others content
-Republish past content
-Automatically add in hashtags
-Calandar view (my very favorite feature)
-In-depth analytics (love this)

**And yes, this is an affliate link to Planoly, but I promise I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't 100% love the shit out of it. 

Batch Your Content

Batching refers to doing like tasks all at once. Like, one right after the other so you don't have to stop and do a mindset shift between each new task- honestly, that just ends up wasting time. and we don't have time for that, do we babe?

So when you are creating content, be sure to be mindful of what content you are creating and when. For instance, when you are writing a blog post, go ahead and write up a quick little paragraph about it to share on social media. Or, when you are editing a new video, go ahead and snag a 10-30 second clip to share on social media. 

Being intentional about what content you are going to be publishing and when exactly you will create it, will help you be more efficient and save you time so you can take a mid-day break and actually eat your lunch ;) 

How to Schedule a Week of Social Media Content in 30 Minutes

Before I totally give away my weekly social media content schedule, I first need to touch on some tips I have for making your scheduling process as quick as possible.

1. Batch: Just like we talked about before. Doing like tasks all at once will create a quick and efficient workflow.

2. Only schedule one week of content at a time: Sit down on a Sunday (or whatever day works best for you) and schedule out all your content for the week. Curate your images, quotes, links, etc and create posts within your social media scheduling platform.  

3. Re-share past content: As you curate a backlog of content, you will be able to re-share/re-schedule a past post within Planoly. And don't worry about recycling your content- I promise your audience won't think a thing about it. The chances of someone seeing every single piece of content you put out there is very slim- and even if they do, it's probably because they really like you and won't be offended by seeing all the content they adore.

4. Schedule posts to be proactive: The reason why we schedule social media posts ahead of time is so that we can lay a foundation of solid content. This way, if you fall sick or take a day off work, you will still have a social media presence without have to actually be present. 

5. But, leave room to be reactive: While we definitely want to be proactive about what content we share and when, it's important to not over do it. Over scheduling will not leave you room to be human with your audience. What I mean by this is, when inspiration strikes or something especially noteworthy happens, you will want to have the space within your social media schedule to create extra content on the spot.

Okay! Now, let's get into the exact weekly posting schedule I follow for Lady and Company.

Keep in mind that I currently only share content on Facebook and Instagram and I share the same content on both. Not only does this streamline my workflow, but it also keeps my audience happy in two places all at the same time!

My Weekly Social Media Posting Schedule

AM- Mantra: An inspirational quote or affirmation to start the week
PM- Previous Thursday's Blog Post: Re-share the same blog content from the previous Thursday

AM- Current Blog Post: Share the blog post that was published that day
PM- Freebie Promo: Plug to a freebie/opt-in

AM- Mantra: Another inspirational quote or affirmation for a mid-week pick me up
PM- Random Blog Post: Re-share any past blog post

AM- Misc: This could be anything from a testimonial, to a microblog, a portfolio piece, etc
PM- Current Blog Post: Share the blog post that was published that day

AM- Re-share Tuesday's Blog Post: Re-share the same blog content from Tuesday
PM- Misc: This could be anything from a testimonial, to a microblog, a portfolio piece, etc

While the schedule above gives me solid content to push every week, it also allows me room to add in extra content as the inspiration strikes. 

Reactive content includes:
-Client/customer spotlights
-Share others content
-Do a FB live
-Extra microblogs
-Personal post (birthday, vacation, pets..)
-Comment on current events
-Promote an upcoming launch, webinar, workshop, sale, etc
-Take a poll
-Something funny (GIFs, memes, images)

When you allow yourself to be reactive with your posting as well, your audience will see that there is an actual human being behind your business. This helps your potential customers connect with you and, in return, trust you more.


 It's easy babe...

Remember to batch, schedule only one week at a time, re-share past content, be proactive in your scheduling, but allow room to be reactive as well. And when you intentionally set time aside to knock out your social media content each week, you'll be amazed at how much time you actually save.

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