How to Schedule a Blog Post to Publish in the Future (in Squarespace)

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 Squarespace 101: How to Schedule a Blog Post to Publish in the Future | Lady and Company Creative | LCCtv

I've talked about blogging before- heck, I have a whole category on this blog about blogging- and Im pretty open about thinking that it's the secret sauce to growing your business. There is nothing more personable, more actionable, or more attainable than creating a booming blog for your business.

WITH a blog...
-Your readers will get to know you and what you have to offer
-You can show your potential customer just how knowledgeable you are
-Your personality will shine through to give you that human element
- Your SEO will boost nearly instantaneously
-Traffic to your website will see an increase

WITHOUT a blog...
-There is little way for you to gain know, like, and trust from your customers
-Your traffic will not reach new audiences
-Your customers are left guessing how much you actually know about the thing you sell
-Your business will feel robotic as if you aren't really behind the scenes doing all the amazing things to keep your business going

It's been proven time and time again that blogging is the ticket to creating a more profitable business. And, for good reason, really.

There is a right and a wrong way to blog

Before we get into all the juicy details for today's topic, let's back it up a little bit. 

Blogging, in all it's wondrous glory, can be done wrong.

YIKES. I know.

But fear not, biz lady, I got you. And, really, if you think about blogging and the end goal you're hoping to achieve through it, your blogging strategy is pretty clear cut.  

You have a product or a service you're selling, right? And you have all the knowledge about your product or service just sitting in your brain waiting to get out. THAT is what you blog about. You see, growing your business with a blog is really just about creating content with intention so your customer can see the value in what you provide.

So, DO blog about everything your customer needs before you make the sale. DO tell them how amazing you are. DO blog regularly and consistently. DO offer free stuff and loads of knowledge on the regular. 

But, DON'T go off topic. DON'T blog inconsistently. DON'T write a post the day it's supposed to be published.

Plan out Your COntent and Schedule Posts ahead of time

Think about the holiday catalogs you're starting to get in the mail. Pottery Barn didn't just create these Thanksgiving table spreads, take a quick pic, and send out a catalog the month before the actual holiday, right?

Nope, they started planning, like, last year. 

It's extremely important in business to be proactive about the content and materials you produce. While certain things can be reactive (think social media, and a weekly newsletter) your content should be well thought out and intentional so you can make a sale.

So, just like the good ol' PB, you should be treating your content the same way. Brainstorm months of content a head of time, curate blog posts that directly correspond to your current promotion/sale/product push, and schedule them to post later when it all fits into your perfect business plan.

BOOM. That's how you make a sale, babe.


This is episode 2 of the Squarespace Snippet series! Where I give you quick tips that you can implement into your Squarespace website in 5 minutes or less! Today's episode is all about scheduling your blog posts to publish in the future! Subscribe to LCCtv on YouTube for more juicy videos!


SQUARESPACE SNIPPET: 02 | HOW TO  Schedule a Blog post to Publish In The Future


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