How To Create A Vision Board For Your Biz

Part 4 of a 5 Part Series

How To Create An Inspiration Board For Your Biz

Hey there, babe! This is the fourth post in the Branding Breakdown series. During this 5 part series, I will take you behind the scenes and dish the exact formulas, psychology, and processes I use to take a brand from scattered ideas to an alluring identity. Let's get into it.

Now that we are 4 weeks into the Branding Breakdown series, It's safe to say that your biz is starting to manifest itself now that you have a solid foundation to bring your vision to life. Last week we covered how to use your why to create a brand story- ya know, what you want your brand to convey once it's complete- But you still need to infuse YOU into your brand!

You need your brand to be a reflection of not only your why but also things you genuinely like! Your style has to come through into your brand as well, babe! That means gathering inspiration that reflects your style but that also screams your why! Cue the vision board.

This step is crucial to creating a brand you love, and its by far my clients favorite part of their homework.

Branding Breakdown: Why You Need A vision Board

A vision board (mood board, inspiration board) is a casual way to create a visual direction for your brand. Nothing on your board is set in stone, it's just a tool you can use to visually inspire your brands style.

While this may seem like a mundane task as first, collecting inspiration all in one place will help you narrow down exactly what you want your brand to convey and help create insistency within your design. In fact, when you start this exercise you might even find that your taste has a wider range than you thought, so, this is an excellent way to pair down on the exact style you want your brand to have.

WITH a vision board:
-Your brand will have a consistent style
-Your why will be driving your design
-You will be consistently inspired to create
-Your customers will clearly understand what you do and what you stand for
-Creating graphics, campaigns, and other brand collateral will be easy as pie!

But, WITHOUT a vision board:
-Rebranding will happen more often
-Your customers will be confused
-There will be little consistency within your work
-Copying other brands becomes tempting
-Your brand won't be seen as trustworthy because of the variance in your style 

"Good design is obvious, great design is transparent" -Joe Sparano | Lady and Company Creative

How to create a vision board for your biz: Step 1

The easiest way to gather inspiration to include in your vision board is through Pinterest. So, if you don't already have an account (seriously, where have you been?) go ahead and create one here.

Create a separate board to pin all the things to- and when I say all the things I mean all the things. Use your word webs that you created from the last post and enter in the words into the search bar and start pinning away!

Things to look for while pinning:
-Color Palettes
-Decor Photos

As you start pinning you will begin to see a trend in your style. You'll gravitate towards certain colors, patterns, and fonts. Just let your eyes guide you and pin everything that catches your eye!

Pro Tip: Pin a shit ton! As you pin, Pinterest will start to notice trends and will begin to show you more of the things you like!   

How to create a vision board for your biz: Step 2

After you have a robust collection of inspiration, it's time to fine tune your choices. Go back through your Pinterest board and make sure your pins are reflective of what you want your brand to exude. Think about the feelings you want your customers to have while on your site and make sure your pins are in line with your why. 

Delete any pins that are...
-Irrelevant: Ones that you instantly know aren't in the scope of what you want
-Duplicates: Maybe you have A LOT of script fonts, or pinned the same color palette 4 times
-Insignificant: Ones that don't reflect your why or don't hold deeper meaning    

Keep combing through your board until you have 5-10 images that reflect the style and feel you want your brand to give off.

How to create a vision board: step 3

Now that you have just a handful of inspirational pins left on your board you can do one of three things to finish your vision board:

Leave it on Pinterest
For those that prefer to have everything on the screen, leaving it all on Pinterest will allow you pull up your inspiration board online. The downside to doing it this way is that you can't pull colors directly from the images when they are left online. This is a good option to have for on the go design, though.

Add images to a collage app
Another option is to save the images and create a collage. Illustrator is what I use to create my clients inspiration boards, but you can also use templates in canva or even download an app onto your phone to create collages.  

Print images and create a tangible vision board that you can hold in your hands
While creating digital boards for my clients is the better option so I can send it to them electronically, I like to print out images when doing branding projects for myself. So, go ahead and save your images and print them off. Next, you can cut and paste them onto a post board and pin it up in your office! 


Next week I will close out the Branding Breakdown series by guiding you through using your vision board to choose colors, create graphics, and design a logo! Subscribe so you don't miss it! Oh, and while you’re at it, join the totally awesome, super life changing, incredibly humble LCCommunity on Facebook!