How to Brand a Wedding and Why "Theme" is a Dirty Word

You all know that branding is my jam here at LCC. But, did you know that branding doesn't just apply to businesses?

What the wha??

I know. It's cray. And, even crazier? You can actually brand a wedding!

So, today, we are switching gears just a bit and we're going to be talking branding but in a totally different way. So, branding babes and engaged babes you're in for a treat!

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Something I love about this whole online business thang are all the amazing ladies I get to connect with. One woman I had the pleaure of meeting was Kasey Kyprianou of Revelry & Heart. She invited me to hang out with her on her facebook page for an installment of her weekly "Wedding Winedown" series. We relaxed, drank wine, and chatted all things branding for weddings.


 Kasey Kyprianou | Revelry & Heart

Meet Kasey // Revelry & heart

Kasey is a non-traditional stationer who creates badass designs that tell couples’ love stories through paper, wood, acrylic or fabric. She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and dog, and she’s always looking for a reason to celebrate with cake and champagne. Learn more about her work on her website and Instagram.


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What is wedding branding?

Branding, in it's most basic form, is creating a cohesive set of elements that, when put together, tell a story.

These elements include design items like: a logo, color pallete, fonts, textures, etc..

Each of these designs will come together to create the overall look and feel of your wedding. So, when you're planning your big day it's important to create each facet of the wedding with intention as they each will play a very specific role in your wedding's story!

Still confused?

Okay, babe. Look- let's bare bones this for a quick sec.

You and your partner have a unique love story all your own and you can use branding to share that story through the visuals you create.

That is how you can create a truly one of a kind experience for you, your partner, and your guests. 


How to Brand a Wedding and Why
is a Dirty Wor

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