How to Boost your SEO in Squarespace With Alt Text

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How to Boost your SEO in Squarespace With Alt Text | Lady and Company Creative | Empowering Women Throught Bad-Ass Brands

Squarespace is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for so many reasons... and you babes know that because I sing it's praises literally all day long. You, my clients, and even my dog know that Squarespace rocks because I just can't stop taking about it. I'd say it's a problem, except can loving something so robust and user friendly really be a problem? Ha! Nope. It cannot.

One of the super intuitive things Squarespace does is how it gathers alternative text (or "alt text" as all the cool kids call it) for images.

What the heck is Alt Text?

Good  question, babe! Let me break it down...

When someone hops onto a search engine (think google, bing, yahoo, etc...) and they ask a quick question, the search engine will grab keywords out of that question and search through the internet and find relative articles by finding those keywords in websites, blog posts, etc.

But, search engines don't have the ability to read images. 

So, the solution to that is to manually add words to the image on the backend. Doing this allows search engines to read the text you enter and associate those words with that image- telling google, yahoo, etc what that image represents!

So, essentially alt text is the text that search engines read as an alternative to just glossing over images!

Pretty cool, right?

How does Alt Text boost SEO?

SEO is the practice of making your content searchable (and find-able) on search engines. After all, SEO literally translates to "Search Engine Optimization" so it's a no brainer that it will get more eyeballs on your website/products/pretty face.

And the root of almost all SEO is keywords.

This is how search engines find you! They essentially have a database of keywords to search the internet for and when they find your website has a lot of keywords in common with the question that was typed into the search bar they will pull your site to the top of the list (otherwise known as rank).

So, the more keywords you have on your website describing with the french toast you do the more likely it is that you will be at the top of google! And that means more traffic to your site.

So, alt text is just another place for you to add keywords to make your site that much more searchable!

But, Alt Text does so much more than that!

Not only does alternative text boost the searchability on google and other search engines, it also adds your images to other platforms.

Google Images- Simply by adding alt text to your images, they will start to appear in relevant searches on google images!

Pinterest- When a reader clicks the "pin it" button on an image in your site, the alt text auto-populates the caption on the pin! This way, any pins from your site will have those juicy keywords for even more SEO friendly searches!

Okay, let's show ya how it's done...

This is episode 1 of the Squarespace Snippet series! Where I give you quick tips that you can implement into your Squarespace website in 5 minutes or less! Today's episode is all about adding alternative text to your images within your Squarespace site! Subscribe to LCCtv on YouTube for more juicy videos!

How to Add Alt Text



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