How To Add Self Care Into Your Work Day

How to add self care into your work day

I remember when I first started working from home and I thought I had all the time in the world to do pretty much whatever I wanted (let's all laugh in unison now..) Pick up friends from the airport? Sure! Sleep in late? Why not! Go grocery shopping in the middle of a Tuesday? Let's do it! Hahaha as if..

I was quickly brought back to reality about 3 days after I started working on my biz. The emails, the website upkeep, the client projects, the social media posts... the list continues to go on and on and on and on. 

With all of the daily tasks firmly penned into my planner it was hard to find that work/life balance thing that I kept hearing people boast about. But what I also realized pretty quickly was that I had to fit self care directly into my work day if I wanted to achieve maximum efficiency and also be a real life working human come dinner time. 

8 Ways To add Self Care Into Your Work Day

1. Don't "Plug In" Right Away

I'm so guilty of this one because I use my phone as an alarm. It's easy to pick up my phone first thing and check my email. But, this just means that I am thrown directly into the day's hustle and/or drama before I even step foot out of bed. 

Instead, try to take time for yourself before your work day even starts. Do something that feeds your soul and gets you pumped for the new day! Do yoga, drink your coffee in bed, take a shower, go for a walk! Whatever gets your head ready to take on the day will benefit you and your business.

2. Diffuse Essentail Oils

This is something I do daily right before I open my computer. It wakes me up and puts my brain in work-mode. Aromatherapy is an excellent way to get those juices flowing and uplift your mood, as well as add little bit of healthy homeopathic practices to your day. 

I personally use the NOW brand of essential oils- they have so many different blends and organic single oils and they tend to be much cheaper than Young Living or doTerra. I love using the Mental Focus and Good Morning Sunshine blends to get into the work groove. 

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3. Get Up and Move

I try to make an effort to get up and move each hour to get the blood flow back to my brain and also give myself a little a break from whatever task I'm working on.

My FitBit has made this so easy! It is programmed to alert me if I don't get a minimum of 250 steps each hour. So, come 10 minutes until the hour is up, it vibrates and tells me to get my booty movin! 250 steps literally takes 2 minutes but it's just enough to make sure I don't stay seated for hours on end.

4. Practice Gratitude

When you're hustling day in and day out, your days can tend to run together. You can get so caught up in trying to finish a blog post or finish a project for a picky client that you lose sight of how blessed you are.

I personally keep my gratitude list in my bullet journal, but I have also used the My Gratitude Journal app on my phone. I find that when I take just a few minutes a day to reflect on that day's wins I tend to live a happier more positive life. Some days I'm grateful for crushing a big goal and other day's I'm just grateful for ibuprofen- either way, focusing on the positives (even in crummy situations) will help you bring mindfulness back into your work.

5. Embrace the coffee shop office

As a creative and an introvert, working near the bustle but still in my own little world helps me tremendously! Especially if my house is messy or if my fur-babes are little on the hyper side. So, packing up my stuff and working outside of the house can be huge when it comes to productivity.

Now this doesn't have to be a coffee shop; it could be the library, a park, or a co-working space- whatever feeds your entrepreneur soul. But, I think you'll be surprised how productive you can be when you change your scenery a little bit.

6. Meditate

When you have a little break between phone calls or tasks it's super easy to get on social media and get caught up in cute puppy videos. Then all of the sudden you've lost 2 hours of work time and you are no longer motivated to get your shit done.

Since I try to schedule my social media time for my biz and only allow personal social media time during lunch, I use other down time to meditate. The Headspace app offers guided 10 minute meditation sessions in a variety of different areas of focus. They even have a creativity session that is amazing!

7. Real Life Interaction

As a creative entrepreneur who works the majority of the time via phone or computer, I have little real life interaction with anyone other than my dogs. So planning out lunch dates, or even striking up conversation with the barista at Starbucks can facilitate a little brain break and help you not become a crazy hermit lady that talks to her dogs like they're humans- actually theres nothing wrong with that...right?....

8. Treat Yo Self

One of my favorite things to do is treat myself to a yummy coffee or tea while I work. There is something therapeutic about sipping on a delicious drink and working on my creativity- for me I actually feel that I work better when I have a little something to mindlessly sip on. 

While I try to stick to my unsweetened iced white tea on the regular, having an extra special drink to look forward to a couple times a week is nice way to appreciate all the hard work we put in!


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