How I Gained 1,000 Instagram Followers Organically in Two Weeks

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Starting a new instagram account from scratch in hopes of growing into a wildly successful influencer is a daunting task.

However, I took on this task full throttle as its always been a dream of mine and I have finally decided to go ALL IN.And when you build a following organically, and not by purchasing followers, it takes a like of authenticity and hard work. I want to share a few tips of what I did to get to where I am just two weeks into this journey,

How I Gained 1,000 Followers on Instagram in 2 Weeks | Growing a following on IG is easy with these tips and tricks. No matter if you have a new Instagram account or an already established one, these steps will help you grow your instagram follower count. | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach

1. Be authentic.

As many social media influencers know, being active on your platform is essential. You have to put in a lot of "likes" and comments to build your community. My approach to this is to find my tribe, and spread love.

Some people make the mistake of commenting the same generic comment on every single post like "cool pic!". People know thats fake. Be specific. If you think the person in the photo has a great smile, say it. If you love the color of their dress, let them know. If they were vulnerable in the text of their post and their story resonates with you, speak up. These are the type of comments people will not only respond to, but it will also bring them to your page!

2. Post 3-4 times a day.

I like to make sure I keep up a good variety of posts. For example, its not all selfies, or all quotes. Its a little bit of everything. Show who you are and what you or your business is about through your photos.

3. Use hashtags.

This is huge, especially now that Instagram has the option to follow certain hashtags. I personally like to keep my posts looking clean, and put the hashtags in the comments. Google the trick on how to make your comment appear as "...", to keep it looking clean. Many people will find you, specifically brands, through your hashtags.


4. Tag! Tag, tag and tag.

If you're posting an OOTD, tag the brands you're wearing. If you post a picture of your food, tag the brand. I was contacted by Target, simply for posting a dressing room selfie. They asked if they can use my image! So don't be afraid to get recognized by brands, especially ones you want to work with, in your posts.

5. Don't sell out.

I have been contacted by COUNTLESS brands asking me to be a partner or ambassador for their brand. Many of them offer commission based off of whatever sales are made using your discount code. Don't get me wrong, if my style or values align with the brand reaching out to me, I agree to work with them. While the money is always intriguing, I just can't say yes to everyone in hopes of making an extra buck. It can taint my image if i represent something I don't believe in or doesn't go with the theme of my account.

Just be authentic and be YOU.

If you consistently post quality content, the followers will come (and stay). We're all familiar with the "follow/unfollow" trend, hahaha. Don't be that person! Best of luck to you all <3

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