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Client Spotlight: Geily Romero of Cutting Edge

After feeling like her expertise was being watered down by her DIY brand, Geily trusted myself and LLC to take her brand in a totally new direction. She was ready to invest in herself and her business to create a brand that would truly match her passion to serve creatives.

Throughout our coaching, we worked together to dig deep behind her why and her motivation to do what she does and who she wants to serve. The end result is a beautifully curated brand that

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Client Spotlight: Elsa Borsa Life Coach

Elsa Borsa is a joy advocate & life coach for women who are totally over the "To Do list" the "shoulds," and living life based on someone else's (or their own) unrealistic, sky-high expectations. 

A recovering perfectionist herself, Elsa knows it's her mission to light the way for other overwhelmed & undervalued women by sharing her own story of tremendous transformation and teaching them how to tap into their own intuition, define their own (realistic) goals & dreams & finally feel like enough even if they don't cross off every task on the To Do list.

When she's not coaching women from around the globe from her small town home office, you'll probably spot her getting a joyful buzz in others ways like obsessing over decorating magazines, shuttling her three kiddos to extracurricular activities, and the occasional road trip to really let her hair down.

Meet Elsa and get ready to say "yes" to the life YOU want to live

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