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Part 5 of a 5 Part Series

How to Design Your Brand Elements: Logo, color palette, fonts, and more | Lady and Company Creative

Hey there, babe! This is the fifth post in the Branding Breakdown series. During this 5 part series, I will take you behind the scenes and dish the exact formulas, psychology, and processes I use to take a brand from scattered ideas to an alluring identity. Let's get into it.

The past month has been A LOT of information. We have covered what the french toast branding is, how to use your why to attract customers, how to create a cohesive brand, and how to create an inspiration board. All that info and hard work is about to pay off though, babe! You've made it to the final Branding Breakdown post. Your brand is about to come together and start kicking booty.

Today, we are going to take everything you've learned so far and wrap it all up with a nice little bow on top. 

By the end of this post you will know how to create or choose:

-A custom logo
-Color palette
-Complimentary fonts
-Branded icons

Basically, you will have everything you need to be a bad-ass business owner AND the brand to match!

Branding Breakdown: Choosing A Color Palette

Weather you have been in business for years or if you're creating your first business from scratch, having a very specific color palette for your brand is uber important . You're defined color palette will create brand consistency and easy recognition from clients which will create repeat business! Who knew colors could do that, right!?

A few things to consider when nailing down your color palette:

Your vision board- Take a quick look at your pinterest board that you created last week. What colors jump out at you? Are there any colors that look good together?

The message you are trying to convey- Remember in week 1 when we talked about the psychology behind branding? This is a great time to pull out those notes and review your color selection with your overall brand message and feel to make sure they go together.

Psychology of color | Lady and Company Creative | Branding Breakdown

Contrast and variation- When selecting colors for your brand, it's important to choose colors that look great together- Duh! Not only do you want these colors to be complimentary, but you also want them to sit well together. This means choosing colors of various shades, and hues- looking closely at brightness and saturation. Mixing and matching these will give you the most eye catching palette!


So, lets pull up those pinterest vision boards and get to work!

1. Pick and pull colors directly from images
For mac users, open up your DigitalColor Meter application and select colors directly from the webpage. Chrome users can download this application to do the same thing! 

2. Use free online resources to create palettes
Once you know the general 2-3 colors that you want prominent in your brand, you can then use the following websites to find other complimentary colors to finish out your palette: 

ColorHunt: Play with color palettes

LOL Colors: Preview color combinations.

Coolors: Generate color palettes

3. Choose 4-5 colors
It's important to choose a wide range of colors so that you have some flexibility in your brand, but choosing too many will only cause confusion for your and your customers. A muddy brand isn't what you're going for! Keep it clean and refined while letting your personality shine through.

4. Record your color codes!
Once you have your colors selected, record them on page 6 of your Branding Breakdown workbook. Every color under the sun has a unique color code that tells the computer and printers what color to produce. These will come in handy when customizing your website and creating your graphics and icons. You will want to record various types of color codes for each color which you can find by using this converter
** HEX and RGB codes are used for screen and web, CMYK codes are used for printing


Branding Breakdown: Designing a logo

When it comes to building an online business, your logo is the first thing your customers are going to see. I think of your logo as a cyber handshake thats says "Hey, how are ya? You should hire me!" It should be eye catching, unique, and timeless while still showing your personality.

A few things to consider when designing your logo:

Your brand color palette- Infusing your colors into your logo is a great way to add a little personality and insure that your brand is consistent. 

Logo mark- You will want to decide if you want your logo to be solely text or if you would like to include some sort of an icon. (i.e. the hexagon in the LCC logo)

Converting to black and white- In addition to having a little color in your logo, you'll also want to be sure that your logo will still look great in the instance that you have to print in black and white or if you use it as a watermark.  


Use the following options to create your logo!

Option 1:  Use a logo generator   
If ya want something quick and easy, you can create a logo with the click of a button with one of these logo generators:

SquareSpace Logo: Logo generator tool.

Hipster Logo Generator: If it's hipster you're going for, generate a logo with this tool. 


Option 2: DIY your logo
If you're feeling creative, designing your logo yourself might be a fun way to express yourself through your brand. You can do this on a free site like canva (they even have some templates for you to play with!) Or in a paid software like Adobe Illustrator. Just pull fonts together and play with the spacing- you'll have a logo in no time!


Option 3: Hire a professional
Often times, a brand logo is the one thing a new business owner doesn't want to DIY. That's understandable! You want your logo to stand the test of time and look bad-ass while you're at it- I totally get it. You can hire me to design your logo for you to take the stress off- I'd love to work with you! Check out my portfolio and my pricing.

Once you have your logo finished, record the fonts, colors, and file names in your Branding Breakdown Workbook.


Branding Breakdown: Choosing Complimentary Fonts

Another aspect of creating a cohesive brand are the fonts you choose. You'll want these to be consistent across all your collateral items, graphics, and your website. They will aid in creating the overall feel and style of your brand as well as creating consistency in your business.

A few things to consider when choosing your fonts:

Do not recycle the fonts from your logo- A big mistake DIYer's make is using the same fonts from their logo in their copy as well. You want your logo to stand alone, while your fonts on your blog, business cards, etc to compliment and not compete. 

The psychology of fonts- Just like how colors have psychological effects on the human brain, so do fonts. Different fonts will convey different things to your customers. So, be sure that the fonts your choose are in line with your brands style and message.

The psychology of fonts | Lady and Company Creative | Branding Breakdown

Variation- The fonts you choose should all work together to create a look that is appealing. You should use a combination of weights and sizes to make your copy easier to read and to create white space in your design. 


You will choose the following 3 fonts:

Header Text: This is the font you will use for titles. It should be larger and more on the bold side. You can will want this font to be slightly more eye-catching and unique.

Subheader Text: This font will be lighter in color and in weight. It will be used for taglines and captions.

Body Text: This is the text you are looking at right now, babe. You want it to be easy to read, in black or grey, and a medium weight. 


If your having trouble pairing fonts together, use the following free online resources to find complimentary fonts:

TypeAnything: Online typography tool to create and preview font combinations.

Font Flame: Find your fonts perfect match

Typio: Find fonts that go together.


Make sure to record the names and sizes of the fonts you choose in your Branding Breakdown Workbook!


Branding Breakdown: Using Canva to create icons

Canva is THE PLACE for non designers to go to create brand icons and graphics for their site. You can choose from a wide selection of icons and change the colors, add text, etc to make them your own. Then you can upload them to your website and you have perfectly branded icons that will make your website look bomb.

Common icons you can create in Canva:

-Social Icons (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
-Buttons (Such "learn more" and "subscribe here")
-Blog Categories
-Logo Marks

They have a wide variety of templates and illustrations that make creating icons super easy. Plus, you can plug in your color codes to make them perfectly branded to your business! 


You did it, babe!

I am so proud of you for finishing the Branding Breakdown series! You now have the tools and the knowledge of how to create and maintain a consistent brand. You truly are a badass! Now go show  the world your brand new brand! Post an image on Instagram with the hashtag #BrandingBreakdown and be sure to tag me (@ladyandcocreative) so I can see you're awesome work! I'll be re-gramming a select few so you'll get even more traffic to your new brand! I can't wait to see what you've created!

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