The Key to Creating an Authentic Personal Brand

Start your personal branding process by asking "WHO AM I?" and the rest will fall into place easily.

I have been looking at some articles regarding this topic on Personal Branding.  I realized that many of them focus on the external portion of your personal brand.  There is nothing wrong with image, business & social etiquette, body language, etc.

The only thing that nobody talks about is YOU.  We need to take a step back and ask ourselves this question, “Who Am I?”.  Only after you have come to know who you are, the rest is easy to do.

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How Your Lady Owned Biz can Support Other Female Entrepreneurs

It's go time for women as we collectively rock politics, education, medicine, the arts, and business. We have women-strong mentalities, and a deep hunger to guide, help, and assist other women to reach for their most dreamiest of goals.

We are lifting each other up, serving each other, and I am here for it! 

As a woman who owns a business, I know just how important it is to have a backing of support. These people offer encouragement when I'm overwhelmed, and also spread word around about my services. They help grow my following, facilitate in brand awareness, and over-all, help make an impact in my business's success.

Us ladies are strongest when we work together and for each other. So, it's time to act on it.

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5 Easy Strategies to Stand Out in Your Industry

Creating our own businesses means that we rely on our own brains A LOT.

More often than not, it's a one woman show. We don’t have a boss or a friend in the cubicle next to us to bounce things off of- and sometimes that leaves us questioning ourselves. We especially question any decision we make when it comes to putting our face and our personality out there. We are our own worst critics, afterall.

And, in the beginning stages of business, it can be even harder to know how to use ourselves and our personalities to help you stand out in what feels like a very saturated market.

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How to Take and Edit Branded Flat Lay Images

Flat-lay pictures are the hot trend on social media (Instagram especially) and I know you want in on it!

Flat-lay images are the perfect way to create your own stock images that are reflective of your brand and stand out in the crowd of all the other business out there!

I have had so many followers tell me they always slow their scroll when they see one of my images because they know it's mine! That means that I get more engagement and my followers know what to expect from me! Pretty cool right?

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Create a Mission Statement for your Business (and WTF to use it for)

A mission statement helps your clients to understand if they’re a potential ideal client for you. It’ll also help you to get rid of inquiries from non-ideal clients because maybe they were confused on exactly what you do or you provide a local service and they’re nowhere near your area! Don’t let your clients walk away because they’re confused, overwhelmed or unclear on if they are able to work with you.

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How to Find Your Dream Clients

While it is important to define specifically who your dream cleint is, you can't just make things up in our heads. As much as we might like to say that the most perfect person we can imagine to work with is wealthy, and understands our process, and drinks our favorite drinks form starbucks- we can't just decide that that peson exsists just simple because we want them to.

Our dream client has to come out of real fact.

Especially because who may think would be our dream client might not actually light us up in the end.

So think beyond the fluff of what you;ve been told an idea client is up until this point, and realise that your dream client is really just someone who's exact needs are met by your offer.

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4 Tips to a Fabulous Pinterest Business Profile

So many lady entrepreneurs do not realize that Pinterest is a completely viable source of traffic for their online biz. And that it takes less time than they think!

And while it’s true that Pinterest isn’t classified as ‘social media’ per se, it does work like social media in that it’s a brilliant way to build that know / like / trust factor we all want with our ideal audience.

I’ve had clients for my main biz message me...

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Client Spotlight: Geily Romero of Cutting Edge

After feeling like her expertise was being watered down by her DIY brand, Geily trusted myself and LLC to take her brand in a totally new direction. She was ready to invest in herself and her business to create a brand that would truly match her passion to serve creatives.

Throughout our coaching, we worked together to dig deep behind her why and her motivation to do what she does and who she wants to serve. The end result is a beautifully curated brand that

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