9 Unique Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs


It's go time for women as we collectively rock politics, education, medicine, the arts, and business. We have women-strong mentalities, and a deep hunger to guide, help, and assist other women to reach for their most dreamiest of goals.

We are lifting each other up, serving each other, and I am here for it! 

As a woman who owns a business, I know just how important it is to have a backing of support. These people offer encouragement when I'm overwhelmed, and also spread word around about my services. They help grow my following, facilitate in brand awareness, and over-all, help make an impact in my business's success.

Us ladies are strongest when we work together and for each other. So, it's time to act on it.

9 Unique Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs | Lady and Company | Online Business Strategy | Women's Empowerment

And it's not just about offering validation or a helping hand to other ladies brands. Nope, working together will benefit your business as well.

Now that's not to say that you should only help others for your own personal gain. Don't do that. That's gross. But, when you support other women in their businesses it inherently becomes a 'win win'.

Supporting women owned businesses will:
-offer validation for women in the working world
-empower you to do more for your community through your brand
-lead to a greater brand awareness for both parties
-boost self confidence by offering uplifting support

And while we know that being a lady and running a business can be tough, it can also be one of the most empowering endeavors we'll ever experience. Taking control of our happiness and our livelihoods is thrilling, so why not share that with other ladies? Why not assist them in getting their business to a place of fulfillment as well?

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9 Unique Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs
(and Build Your Business while You're at it)

1. Collaborations

I probably could have broken this one down into about a million different categories, because there are just about million different ways to collaborate with someone.  But the all-encompassing 'collaboration' is the numero uno way to support both your business and the businesses of other biz babes.

Examples of collaborations include:
-joint venture webinars
-affiliate programs
-design collabs
-podcast guests
-guest blogging
-sponsored posts

Basically, any scenario where you and another business owner come together to work on a project would be a collaboration.

Take for instance, a collaboration I did with The Unsensored Mama. We did a "Lady and Company for The Uncensored Mama" line for her Etsy shop. We pulled both of our niches together (hers is kids clothing, and mine is female empowerment) and designed a product that is complimentary of both of us! Doing this, helped us each reach new and broader audiences as well as offered us some awesome material to post about on our social media platforms.

A collaboration could really be anything that is mutually beneficial to both parties, and the ideas and ways in which you could do them are endless depending on the types of businesses that are coming together.

2. Passing along opportunities

Spend some time networking and create a group of ladies that work in complimentary niches. This way, next time you are too busy to take that client or they inquire about an item that you no longer offer, you can pass them along to another gal. This will not only keep up your reputation for fantastic customer service, but your biz besties will love all the referrals!

3. Pool resources

Let's say you design wedding invitations. You are a boss at Adobe InDesign but you want to offer your clients the personal touch of hand lettered envelopes. Outsource a calligrapher for that one task, babe! Bundle up your package, and cut the pay as necessary. Not only will you get more clients because you are now offering an extra service, but you're also assisting a fellow female entrepreneur pursue her passions.


4. Find a female accountability partner

Supporting someone in their business is more than just assisting in sales. In fact, a huge way you can offer support is by showing up everyday for them through motivation and holding them accountable. You can find a like minded lady on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even through sites like businesspartners.com.

These are people that you share your goals with, and you check in with each other daily/weekly/monthly/whenever to toss ideas around and to make sure you are staying focused on your goals. Now that's supporting each other!


5. Give credit on social media

Did you buy a killer coffee mug thats taking over your Insta feed? Tag the gal that made it! Tell her you think the stuff she's selling is fantastic. This will give her some more visibility and also fuel some pretty sweet Instagram posts for you!


6. Choosewomen.org

This is a site dedicated to women in business. You can shop women owned businesses straight from the website and portions of the sales are donated to help impoverished women receive microloans to start their own business! I mean, talk about amazing! You can also apply to become a retailer on the site as well!


7. Facebook groups

There are so many Facebook groups out there dedicated to us lady bosses- but they are such a great way to meet like minded babes, make a few friends, and also give/get tons of biz advice. A few of my favorites that are made just for us ladies are Think Creative Collective, Digital Marketing Squad, and The Lemonade Stand Society with Courtney Foster Donahue. All these biz centered groups are super interactive and allow for discussion, collaboration, and even promotion (on certain days). It's a great way to get your name out there and support other ladies!


8. Hold meet ups at women owned shops

If you host local events or meet with clients in person, why not help a lady out by supporting her biz while you're at it? Find a lady owned coffee shop to host your meetings at, or plan your next event at local art gallery or boutique ran by women.  


9. Buy her stuff!

Now this one is as simple as it gets- buy from female owned businesses. Support other ladies while also investing in your own, babe! Hire that female graphic designer (ahem, me!) or purchase some custom t-shirts for your biz from the lady with the etsy shop! There is no better way to support a lady entrepreneur than to purchase what she offers. 


Remember...We rise by lifting others


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