7 Secrets to Optimizing Your Squarespace Website

Whether you are new to Squarespace or you’ve been designing within the platform for a while, you have probably figured out how intuitive and user-friendly it is!

Its simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to create a sleek and professional website, using your choice of multiple, customizable templates. And, you might even already know several features and benefits of using it. But below, I’m breaking down a handful more that you might not be familiar with. Hopefully, you will learn something new and can add more personalization to your site!  

7 Secrets to Optimizing Your Squarespace Website | Creating your own website just got easier with all of Squarespace's simle to implement features. They have made creating a profession and functional website a breeze for the everyday business owner. This article tells you 7 secrets to creating a totally awesome website for your business | Guest Blogger: Jessie Coots | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach


7 Secrets to Optimizing Your Sqaurespace Website


1. Display a pop-up window to promote a special opt-in, email subscription list, upcoming event and more!  

In the past, Squarespace didn’t provide the option of integrating a pop-up on your website. I used to embed code from third-party “pop-up creator” apps for my client sites. Now, they offer them — and all of the customization to go with! Not too long ago, they started to include this handy feature for all of their templates — but you have to be on either the Business or Commerce plan. 

You can implement either:
✨ A sign-up option (to capture an email address)
✨or a button that links to another area of your site.

Then, you can customize the pop-up with your own brand colors, fonts and imagery. They even offer several different layouts to choose from, making it possible for yours to look professional and unique.

You can even set it up to appear however often and as quickly as you desire, on just one particular page or your entire site. For example, my pop-up appears to first-time visitors, on any page — within five seconds. If someone is visiting my site more than once during a week, they will only see it once, the first time — so that they don’t keep getting bombarded and annoyed with it.

To find it, simply go to: “Settings” - “Marketing” - “Promotional Pop-Up.”


2. Use a “folder” to create a dropdown menu under a main page in your navigation — to display secondary pages.

 Many times, within a website’s main navigation, you have probably hovered over or clicked on a page and seen a menu dropdown of secondary pages to choose from. For example, under “About”  — someone might have additional and separate pages for “Meet the Owner” and “Meet the Team.” How do you create something like this? It’s really quite simple! 

Under “Main Navigation,” instead of adding a page like you normally would, add a “Folder.” Name it what you want, which will be seen in the navigation links. Then, add as many separate pages as you need — by dragging and dropping them beneath the folder. Voila!  

Anna K Photography | https://www.annakphoto.com

Anna K Photography | https://www.annakphoto.com



3. When you duplicate, you automate!

 If you’re designing a page that is similar in layout to another one (and if you’re keeping cohesiveness and consistency in mind, you probably have a few that share the same look and feel) you don’t have to create each page from scratch. Simply, duplicate the page that you want! When you click on a page’s settings, scroll down under the “Basic” tab and click on “Duplicate Page.”

Just make sure that you rename the page and that the URL slug (yoursite.com/pagename) is properly updated. Also, once a page is duplicated, the copy of it gets moved to the “Not Linked” page section. If you want it to be a page that is visible in the main navigation, simply drag it above, to “Main Navigation.” 

By duplicating pages that make sense to, you end up saving time by not designing so much from scratch! 


4. Use the updated analytics to see how well your buttons and forms are converting! 

 Again, Squarespace continues to crank out fun, new features that I find so helpful! Although I’m not great at math, I love to look at numbers when it comes to my business (and money!)

Now, under “Analytics” — you can view “Form & Button Conversions.” Within this setting, you can view a specific form or button, on a specific page — and see how many submissions or clicks and unique views that it’s getting. You can also see (most importantly) the conversion rate. Like the other analytics, you can look at it from the perspective of today, the last week, the last month, the last year and more — to get really detailed and specific. This helps you to see which (and how many) forms and buttons are being submitted and clicked on the most — and which pages are being visited the most (that house them.) 

*Quick tip: Include a freebie opt-in (sign-up box) or a link to a "My Freebies” page below each blog post. So, you can see which blogs visitors are going to (and from there, which sign-ups that they see) the most.

Anna K Photography | https://www.annakphoto.com

Anna K Photography | https://www.annakphoto.com



5. Don’t forget the favicon! 

 I recently had a client ask me what a favicon was — and I told her that was a great question!

The favicon is simply the tiny icon that you see next to your website name in a browser window. Some visitors to your site might not even notice yours, but I think that it’s still an important detail to include. It adds an extra touch of professionalism and sophistication to your site — as well as some unique customization.

If you don’t have one, the Squarespace default image will be used, which is a little black cube — and you don’t want someone to see that! I suggest creating an image that is 100x100 pixels (save it as a PNG file) and uses an element from your logo, perhaps the first letter of your business name or even your brand color within a circle or square — because it is so tiny in size.

To upload it, simply go to: “Design” - “Logo & Title” - “Browser Icon (Favicon)”



6. If you don’t use it already, easily setup G-Suite (professional Google email!)! 

This is one of my favorite Squarespace features! If you wish to use professional email from Google (for example: hello@yoururl.com) you can setup G-Suite free for the first year (if you upgrade to a Business or Commerce plan.) After that, you subscribe for just $5/month or $50/year (if paid for upfront.) You can add individual users within your Squarespace account and send email invites to those accounts that walk them through the G-Suite dashboard setup. 

To integrate G-Suite with your website, simply go to: “Settings” - “Website” - “Email.”


7. Connect MailChimp or Google Drive to collect information (and email addresses!) from multiple subscription boxes!

Whenever you add a “Form” or “Newsletter” block (under your “Content Block” options) — you can connect each one to a respective email list that you already have setup in MailChimp — or a document in your Google Drive.

For example, when someone signs up to receive your weekly emails, they can then get added to a specific list within MailChimp titles "Newsletter". Then, when someone signs up to receive one of your freebies, they'll get added to my totally different MailChimp list that you'll have connected to those specific sign-up boxes.

You could even offer different freebies or newsletter sign-ups on each page, just by having the multiple and respective MailChimp lists set up to connect them to! 

If you already have your lists set up in MailChimp, when you’re back in Squarespace, simply add a “Form” or “Newsletter” block to an area of your site. When you double click on either of those blocks, within the settings tabs at the top, go to “Storage.” You can connect Google Drive or one of your MailChimp lists there. Under “Form” in particular, you can even have it directly emailed to you. 


Have some fun trying out a few of these “Did You Know?” features and leave a comment if you have any questions!

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7 Secrets to Optimizing Your Squarespace Website | Creating your own website just got easier with all of Squarespace's simle to implement features. They have made creating a profession and functional website a breeze for the everyday business owner. This article tells you 7 secrets to creating a totally awesome website for your business | Guest Blogger: Jessie Coots | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach

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