5 Easy Strategies to Stand Out in Your Industry

Creating our own businesses means that we rely on our own brains A LOT.

More often than not, it's a one woman show. We don’t have a boss or a friend in the cubicle next to us to bounce things off of- and sometimes that leaves us questioning ourselves. We especially question any decision we make when it comes to putting our face and our personality out there. We are our own worst critics, afterall.

And, in the beginning stages of business, it can be even harder to know how to use ourselves and our personalities to help you stand out in what feels like a very saturated market.

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5 Easy Strategies to Stand Out in Your Industry | Standing out in your niche is easy when you think beyond all that you offer and hone in on a strategy that serves your ideal client best. In this video, I am giving you 5 simple steps to stand out in your market! | Lady and Company Creative | Brand Coaching | Empowering Women Through Badass Brands


5 Easy Strategies to Stand Out in Your Industry

Facebook and search engines pick up on our frequently used words and recent searches and subsequently, start to show us more of that type of content. So, when you're first starting your business, you'll start to see lots of other new businesses in the same niche as you pop up on your news feed. And that feeds into the myth that everyone and their dog is doing or selling the same thing you are.

But, just like how you start to see ads on Facebook for that sweater you clicked on once, these posts are just a product of the algorithm.

And, that doesn't stop us from feeling like we are just one tiny fish next to bunch of other fish in one giant pond. 

But, I am here to tell ya, babe: that just isn't true!

Even in a market that is full of fish, there is always room for you. Because- are you ready for a cheesy (or should I say fishy..) analogy?- all those other fish might be beta fish, but you are a goldfish. <--- #SeeWhatIDidThere?


Strategy to stand out in your industry #1:

To help you stand out in a crowd of others in your industry, it’s important that you find one thing you’re passionate about and become really good at that one thing first.

You have to hone in on your specialty because you're business has to start small in order for it to grow into something bigger down the road.

Think about Apple. They didn't just magically become the conglomerate it is today. In fact, for the first 3 years of business, Apple only produced computers- because they had to become known for one thing before their customers would trust them with the rest of their tech needs.

So, they weren’t the best at creating computers and smart phones and music players and everything else right out the gate. Heck, the iPhone didn’t even come out until 2007 (a whole 15 years after the first smart phone was released).

So, you need to do this with your business too! Find your “thing”, and then let your style and personality show through and OWN IT. People who like it will be attracted to what you offer - and the people who don’t like it, wont - and that is a good thing!

Finding your thing and niching down in the beginning creates a connection, clear expectations, and one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. Then, after you’ve done that really well, you can branch out and add other offers and items to your business and your people will snatch it up like chocolate chip cookies because they already know and love what you have to offer. 


Strategy to stand out in your industry #2:
Step outside the confines of your title

While we need to master our “thing” it’s important that we don’t keep ourselves comfined in a tiny box that just says “photographer,” or “calligrapher,” or whatever you coin yourself as, and only do tasks that directly relate to us doing those tasks.

You can be the photographer that brings toys for the kids to play with during the shoot. Or the calligrapher that gifts the parents of the couple a quote from the wedding day. Think about the client experience you want to create and do your best to execute that. Not only does this make your work more fulfilling and meaningful to yourself and the your client, but it helps you stand out. So step outside your “title” and be human - go above and beyond to connect and serve in your work and your clients will notice!


Strategy to stand out in your industry #3:
Streamline your Communication

Communication is really what can make or break the experience you give your clients. Not only does it help you set expectations and boundaries, but it also helps your customers to get to know you, your personality, and how you work.

A few tips to make communication easy breezy:

  • Make sure the way you speak online is the same way you speak in person

  • Stick to your business hours- this sets boundaries so you don’t have clients expecting you to reply to a message at 10pm, and gives them some structure to how you work

  • Create canned emails for everything! (you’re already writing emails everyday, you might as well save them as a template) - this will help with consistency in both your messaging and your personality (This comes in handy when you’re sick or feeling drained and can’t muster up a peppy email)


Strategy to stand out in your industry #4:
Create a cohesive brand

Branding is your way to take your “thing” and show it (and market it) to the world. As important as it is to just get your offer out into the world, it's even more important that you market it in a way that speaks to your mission through and through. 

  • Be intentional: Choose colors that resonate with you and your clients, speak to them online in the ways you would in real life, and before you do ANYTHING ask yourself “will this appeal to my ideal client”

  • Be consistent: Make sure you use the same fonts, photo filters, words, etc across all platform of your branding. And before you share anything always check back in with your why to be sure it connects to your mission.

  • Be YOU: Above everything else, be yourself and let your personalty shine through. There might be a hundred other ladies in your particular niche, but what none of them can recreate is YOU.


Strategy to stand out in your industry #5:
Embrace you!

Your voice, your personality, and your life experiences cannot be reproduced. So, by embracing who you are and putting that front and center in your brand, you'll be sure to stand out!

So, don’t throw your hands in the air and say “it’s just too saturated!” because that’s simply not true. You just have to make sure YOU are the one that people remember and you can do that by:

✨ Start by choosing your thing and hold on to it! Make it yours!
✨ Then create the ultimate client experience by stepping outside the confines of your “title”
✨ Make sure that your communication is solid so both you and your clients can lean on that structure
✨ And be sure that all the while, your branding is on point and consistent!
✨ Lastly, be you! Embrace who you are and how you’re different. Let that be your biggest selling point. 

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5 Easy Strategies to Stand Out in Your Industry | Standing out in your niche is easy when you think beyond all that you offer and hone in on a strategy that serves your ideal client best. In this video, I am giving you 5 simple steps to stand out in your market! | Lady and Company Creative | Brand Coaching | Empowering Women Through Badass Brands