40 Ideas for Social Media Video

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Everyone in social media knows that video is a mega trend, but video production is intimidating for someone who has never edited video before. But you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in!

Smartphone cameras and modern software tools make it super easy to create cool, informative, and entertaining clips to engage an audience and attract potential customers. All you need is a smartphone and some creative inspiration

40 Ideas for Social Media Video | Posting videos on social media is the best way to connect with your audience. This article is giving you 40 social media video ideas for your business | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach | Post Author: Julia Enthoven

Video is an amazing medium for showing movement, sound, and the passage of time, and they allow you to connect with your audience in the same way your communicate with people in real life. Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

Here’s a list of 40 ideas and examples you can consider to kickstart brainstorming for video subjects!

1 . Inside scoop

Show the backstage view or blooper from an event to make your personality more multi-dimensional.

2. Video memes

Find a funny or absurd video or GIF and add text above and below it to give it fresh, relatable humor

3. Stop motion video

Add a cool stop motion effect to an existing video or take a series of photos and merge them into a video. 

4. Random holiday

Almost every day is national “something” day. Check out a calendar of random and not-so-random holidays and make a video to celebrate the occasion. Don’t miss the holidays that are relevant to your brand!

5. Texture

Videos are great for showing the texture of a material or product. Show how thick, fluffy, smooth, or wrinkled something is.

6. Add a dog or a baby

Find some way to feature adorable things that everyone loves. Show off your cutest assets :)

7. Creative process

Show how something is manufactured or created, like art, interior decoration, a recipe or baked good, or anything creative. It’s fun to watch something go from nothing to done in fast forward.

8. Intercept

Stop a random person on the street and (with their permission) film them answering a question or doing a task relevant to your brand or channel.

9. Boomerang

Play a fun three-second moment forwards and backwards with Instagram’s Boomerang app.

10. Video interview

Record a conversation with a client, customer, or industry expert. Even if you do the interview remotely, you can put your face side-by-side with theirs to create the impression that you were in the same space.

11. Story

Showcase an individual, like a happy client/customer or hometown hero, and tell their story in 15-seconds or less

12. Live

Start a “vlog” where you talk about your experience as an entrepreneur, leader, or professional or tell a funny story, show moments in your everyday life, or describe your day.

13. Animated quote

Make a video of your favorite quote animating in an eye-catching way

14. Photo slideshow

Combine five or so photos from an event relevant to your brand or company

15. Social good or local partnerships

Film a segment on how your product benefits the community or showcase the volunteer work of your employees

16. Count up

Animate a number as it counts up from 0 to some number signifying an important company milestone, like number of customers or posts or products sold

17. “On this day” feature

Find a YouTube video of a past event that happened on today many years ago. Look for an event that’s relevant for your brand, like a historical performance or event, and showcase a highlight clip on your account.

18. Slomo

Show some action, like people high fiving, opening a package, jumping into a pool, etc

19. Unboxing video

Capture the experience of someone who is using your product or service for the first time. What is their first encounter like? What is their reaction?

20. How-to

Film a tutorial on how your product is used in an interesting or fun way or your approach to a particular task

21. Celebrity

Know anyone a bit famous? Ask them to film a casual video using your product or talking about you/your service

22. Poetry or song

Write a poem and recite it on camera, or sing part of a song

23. Sparkle

Add a “sparkle” effect to something, like a piece of jewelry, makeup, some aspect of your product, or something else shiny (figuratively or literally)

24. Sound effect

Add a hilarious, modern sound-byte like “Cash me outside” or “Pikachu” or the Pacman death to your video to emphasize or symbolize your feelings

25. Live photo

Make a video by looping an iOS “live” photo, the hyper-short , into a longer video (Instagram videos must be 3 seconds long)

26. Hyperspeed

Show something with contrasting movement and staticness, like a busy street or your desk during the day, in hyperspeed so that people can get a feeling for your work day

27. Home video

Publish an old home video from when you were a kid or a baby (you can use sepia and fade filters to make it look more vintage)

28. GRWM

Do a “get ready with me” video. Film yourself waking up, dressing, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day and append the clips together into a fun, fast video.

29. Hyper fresh

Post a video response to an event that’s happening right now, like your team watching the Superbowl or looking up at the eclipse, to keep your brand relevant

30. Ask me anything

Think of five very random questions, or ask your friends/family to give you interesting, creative prompts, and answer them on camera.

31. Fun logo

Make your logo out of a cool material, like sprinkles or mud or sand, and film the process of creating it

32. Screencast

Record your screen as you do something relevant to your company, like finishing a mock, demoing an app, or messaging. You might consider making a video collage with a screencast on one side and you explaining the product on the other.

33. Product or resource review

Talk about a tech tool or non-tech product that you’ve tried out and what your experience with it was like.  (We always need more people to review Kapwing!)

34. Follow a trend

Check on Twitter for the trending Hashtags like #FridayFeeling and make a meme or film a short relevant clip

35. Highlight

Find a YouTube video from something that happened recently, like a sports game or an event, and clip out a short highlight to broadcast to your audience

36. Top 10

Make a video “listicle” by making a Top 10 montage of people, places, or things relevant to your interests, work, or life

37. Transformation

Make a visual before and after where you show how something changed over time. Some examples: Your face before and after makeup, how a room looked before and after a party, the improvement after an organizational product.

38. Repost

Repost a snippet or trailer for a popular past video or a video you published on a different channel. 

39. Article review

Make a video where you go over the points in a recent blog post or article. It can be short, a “trailer” to the real thing

40. One second a day

Feature a month or year with a montage of one-second or three-second long clips. Especially fun for a special time in your life, like during pregnancy or a semester abroad.

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40 Ideas for Social Media Video | Posting videos on social media is the best way to connect with your audience. This article is giving you 40 social media video ideas for your business | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach | Post Author: Julia Enthoven

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