3 Approaches To Social Media to Implement Today

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Social media is a minefield. We all feel it at some point, and yet, we so often rely on it to promote our business. We are exposed to it every day and there is little chance for a business not to have some level of presence on some platform, if only to direct to a website.

Not only can you lose days by trawling through Facebook groups, experts and coaches, but looking at a plethora of other business owners smashing it on a daily basis, can grind you down, and allow feelings of self-disappointment to creep in.

3 Approaches to Social Media to Implement Today! | Social media for your online business can feel daunting when you don’t know what to do and when to do it. The 3 easy approaches with take the guesswork out of social media so you can gain more visibility in your business! | Lady and Company Creative | Alex Lawless, Branding Coach

I want to tell you something today, something that can change your outlook and build your business in a constructive, fulfilling way. The irony of sounding like an ‘expert’ is not lost on me!

There is only one expert for your business that you should pay close attention to, and that is you. You are already your own expert - you know the time constraints you have, you know what products you love and what works in your workspace. You know what makes you tick, and how you need to be spoken to, to get the best out of yourself. It is so valuable to remember, no two businesses are the same, even if they sell the same product! YOU are the key expert to build your business and grow it in the direction you want to.

1. Shop the strategies

So go listen to podcasts and read blogs, heed advice in groups, but as if you were out shopping. Pick and mix the advice and try it out. Give it a good few weeks to work, and if it doesn’t, then move on. It is ok to try it and then change your mind. It is ok for a recommended approach to work for some people and not others- the trick is to listen to yourself when you feel it isn’t working for you.

2. Choose your platforms wisely

Another important thing with social media, is to remember you don’t need to be on every platform! What?! Exactly- you don’t need to be everywhere! In fact I would recommend that you are not. You may have a profile on each platform with a link to your website, but that doesn’t mean you have to be active on them all.

Choose two platforms where your ideal customer most likely hangs out, and focus on those two places. It is not set in stone, and you can choose to switch at any time! But many more than two and your social media will feel like a full time job in of itself- there is reason people hire social media managers after all!


3. Narrow your focus

And lastly, I am a firm believer that the magic happens in the extremes – if your business tries to appeal to everyone, and therefore can only ever be mediocre as you’ll never please everyone – no one will turn to you when they need that special item or service. However, if you niche down, identify your target market, and speak to them, you may have some people who won’t be keen to buy from you- they may even dislike what you offer- And that is ok! Because there will also be those that LOVE you and your business, and who will want to buy lots from you!

But just don’t take my word for it!

Try it out, choose your platforms and talk to your ideal customer, make the magic happen by being a specialist in your field, and ultimately, be your own expert, and see if you advice is a good fit for you.

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