How to Attract Customers With Your Why


Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

Attracting Customers to Your Brand With Your Why

Hey there, babe! This is the second post in the Branding Breakdown series. During this 5 part series, I will take you behind the scenes and dish the exact formulas, psychology, and processes I use to take a brand from scattered ideas to an alluring identity. Let's get into it

Last week we talked about what branding is and why it's important. This week we are taking the first step to creating your brand: discovering your why. Your purpose, your calling, your reason for going at it alone.

Having an online business, I get asked why I do what I do a lot. Working from home from behind a computer is still a fairly new idea, and a lot of people tend to not understand how it works. I think  sometimes it's easier for people to understand why someone would open a restaurant, than it is to understand why or even how someone can make a living online. But, regardless of the reason, I have gotten a lot of practice explaining why I love my line of work and what pushed me to start my own business. 

After explaining my reasons I hear others say how much they wish they could work from home, or how they have a long lost dream they wish they would have pursued, and my heart breaks. But, it also humbles me and reminds me to once again reflect on my why and kick my booty into gear to make things happen. 

Underestimate me, that'll be fun

Branding Breakdown: Why DEFINING your why is important 

1. It gives you a purpose

Having a clear vision of your intent behind your business will help you stay focused and keep you in line with your goals.

2. When the going gets rough, your why will motivate you to keep moving

Loosing site of why we work so hard can be easy to do if we don't focus on our why. If you're having a bad day,  or your experiencing a bout of writers block, looking back on your why will ground you and help you get back on track.

3. It supports you during decision making

Keeping your why in the forefront of your mind will help your values be consistent throughout your brand and the business decisions you make.   

4. Your customers will be drawn in by your outlook

All in all, your why is the driving factor in all you do. It grounds you and brings you back to the core of your passions.

Branding Breakdown: Finding your why

Time to break out those notebooks babes! Shit is about to get real.

It's not uncommon for a first time business owner to not have a clear cut reason for going into business for themselves. Usually, the first reason that comes to mind is they want to be their own boss. And while this is definitely on the list of reasons to start your own business, it won't be the thing you can look back to again and again to keep you pushing through the tough moments.

Your why/reason/passion- whatever you choose to call it- has to be something that is rooted so deeply within you that it not only drives your business but your happiness in general. You are going to become so invested in your business that your has to be thing that will get your booty out of bed in the morning.

In other words, it has to motivate the shit out of you and make you want to kick ass.


My solution to finding your why? A simple fill in the blank formula.


When working with a branding client, I help them find their why by using one simple formula.  It is usually marriage of two things: a passion for your trade, and a devotion to evoking change within the industry.

passion + action = why

Branding Breakdown: Passion For Your Trade

Grab yourself a big cup of coffee and some comfy socks. Turn on some relaxing music- or metal, I don't judge. Get those workbooks out and let's finally get to the bottom of this why thang.

First, we are going to focus on what you're passionate about. The first thing to do is let go of what you feel that you should do. It's easy to get caught up in what is easy, what could make you money fast, and what you see everyone else doing. Instead, let your mind go to the place that makes you happy and start listing the things that bring you joy.


Prompt yourself with these fill-in-the-blank sentences:

I enjoy doing ______ in my free time
I constantly think about ______ while I'm at work
______ makes me happy
I have fun doing ______
I am knowledgeable about ______
______ makes me unique
When I was little I enjoyed ______
If I knew I wouldn't fail, I would do ______
I am good at _____
_____ makes me feel good


I totally get that this can be tough. We tend to overthink or cloud our minds with the rational ideas of how to live life. But when it comes to starting your own business, being creative and doing things a little outside the box is what will set you apart and lure customers to your biz. So be creative, and dream up your best dream! This is your chance to start something new and make a name for yourself. 

no one is you and that is your superpower | empowering women though bad-ass brands |

After you have listed your little biz babe heart out, you will probably see a trend with your prompts. Take notice and circle it, highlight it, and write it in the sky. You have found your passion, babe! 

Branding breakdown: The Action you want to Take within your industry

Now that you know what you're passionate about (doesn't it feel good?), it's time to break it down just a little further. Not only do you have to enjoy what you chose to do for a living, but you also need an underlying reason for doing it alone and at your own pace. 

Now, start brainstorming what you want to do differently in the industry. Think about how you can be innovative and different to make your biz totally unique. Usually these are things that are based off of your own convictions- socially, politically, or otherwise- just be true to yourself and don't allow judgement during your brainstorm sesh.


If you get stuck, use these prompts:

My industry could reach a new demographic by changing _______
I want to help _______ (group of people)
I want to make my product/services/etc more easily accessible to _______
I want to make the world a better place by doing ______ in my business
I don't like ______ and I want to fix that by doing _______
I want to normalize ______ within my industry
My industry could benefit from doing _____ differently
I can bring _____ to my industry
I will do _______ that has never been done before
If I could change one thing about my industry it would be _______
I wish I had ______ when I was going through _______


It helps to get a little personal in this step. Think about your past experiences and how you could make something different/ easier for someone else. Work from your heart and try to make your business the thing that could change something for the better! What is your industry lacking that could make it even better? THAT is what you should try to do with your business!

Branding Breakdown: Sticky Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Now that you have your passion and your action down on paper it's time to put the two together to fully construct your why. All you have to do is fill in the blanks! Write out the following:“I am passionate about *insert passion here* and I will use that passion to *insert action here*.” and BAM you have your perfectly assembled ooey gooey Passion+Action Sandwich ready for you to pack up and take to work with you.

Having the perfect pairing of what you love to do and how you can make difference is THE TICKET. It will not only excite you but also light a big ol fire under your booty to make a change. 

Making your why clear throughout your brand will attract the right kind of clients for your business. These clients will stick and keep coming back for more each time you post or launch a new product. They will be your gurus and love you for your brand and what it stands for! 

Now write your why on a post it and stick it somewhere you will see it everyday. Let it be a constant reminder to you about why you're doing this! YOU are badass, YOUR BUSINESS is badass, and YOUR WORK is bad-ass. 

You got this babe.


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