The Ultimate Social Media Strategy To Make Your Biz Irresistible


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The Ultimate Social Media Strategy to Make Your Business Irresistible

You know that social media is probably the single most important marketing tool for your biz. Facebook and Instagram are no longer just for catching up with friends and posting selfies. Nope, thanks to ads, groups, hashtags, etc, social media has become the worlds best way to reach potential clients from all over the world. 

Lets look at some facts and statistics:

-2.4 billion people (or 1/3 of the worlds population) use social media worldwide
-Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users that share 5.3 billion pieces of content each week
-In 2011, there were 3x more social media users than email
-Email averages a 7% open rate while social media is nearly 30%
-Social media isn't just for millennials! In fact, nearly 50% of users are over the age of 40
-Facebook accounts for 20% of all page views online 

Those are some pretty hefty numbers, babe! You really can't ignore it. So, now that you know that you should be taking advantage of social media, the question then is "how?"

Social Media Strategy: Market Research

Okay okay, before you even open an app or navigate your browser to a social media page, you have to do a little work on the backend of your biz first.

I’m talking market research baby!

You can have the most curated social media feed in the world, but if you aren’t strategically adding content, images, and captions that speak directly to who you’re wanting to serve, alllll your hard work will mean squat!

So, >>take this nifty little quiz<< to see just how well you *really* know your ideal customer and then report back here when you’re done!

Social Media Strategy: Goals of Social Media

Social media can do so many amazing things for your business, but in order for you to get the most out of it, it's essential that you really hone in on what you want your posts to achieve. 

Drive traffic to your website/ blog: Google is no longer the only way your content can be found organically. In fact, if you're utilizing it, 20 out of every 100 pageveiws comes from social media click throughs. Sharing articles, blog posts, or even your products in an eye catching way on your social media accounts will up your page views drastically.

Networking: With a Facebook group for just about anything under the sun, you can connect with loads of peeps in your industry. Utilizing social media to bond with likeminded individuals can not only get word out of your awesome biz, but you can also gain some knowledge and guidance along the way!

Bulk up your email list: Email subscribers are the real cash money when it comes to online business because these are your "sticky" readers. They keep coming back for more. So, by using incentives like free downloadables, contests, etc you can draw readers and clients in to sign up for your newsletter.

Visibility: Another great use of social media is using it to get the word out about your biz before you've officially launched. This will ensure that you hit the ground running come launch day, and you'll already have enough hype to keep the momentum going. 

Reach specific target markets: Each social media platform has a demographic all it's own so utilizing the ones that your potential customers are on will benefit your business to the extreme. Along with ads and hashtags you can be sure to reach exactly who you're product or information will best suit.

Create trust with personal relationships: Social media is inherently informal so it really opens the doors for honest and personal communication with your audience. This is especially great for bloggers and solo-preneurs who are wanting to give a little face-time and let their followers get to know who they really are. Making things personal not only gives your audience the chance to interact with you but will also instill a certain amount of trust for your products or services.

social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan - unknown |

Social Media Strategy: Choosing Your Platform

Did you know there are currently over 200 different social media networks?  Yeah babe, that's a lot! Each platform has it's own demographic and area of focus, but with that many options it can be hard to pinpoint the ones you should be using for your biz. 

That being said, choosing 2-3 is the magic number when you're first starting out. This allows for diversity but won't overwhelm you. But, for the sake of sanity, we are only going to touch on the top 5 platforms since this is where you'll get the most broad reach.

Facebook: Coined as the catch-all of social media networks, this is the most well known and most diversely used social media network. (Like me on Facebook!

Pros: You can reach nearly every type of demographic, chances are you are already used to using this platform from personal use, and you can target EXACTLY who you want to see your posts.

Cons: With over 900,000 users, there is significantly more competition, and strict algorithms nearly force you to pay for ads

Twitter: Used for connecting and broadcasting with short status-like updates. (Follow me on Twitter!)

Pros: Easier to gain followers than most other platforms, wider range of access to people without targeting, and hashtags skyrocket your visibility

Cons: Hard for potential followers to sift through the noise to find your content, lower engagement, and the future for the platform is unpredictable        

Instagram: Photo sharing social media site. (Follow me on Instagram!)

Pros: Primarily mobile makes it great for visibility, high engagement, and hashtags boost discoverability.

Cons: Links are only allowed in your bio.

Pinterest: A virtual "scrapbook" of content collected by users by using the site as a search engine for visual information. (Follow me on Pinterest!)

Pros: Visually organized content, content lives forever and doesn't get drowned out, powerful search engine.

Cons: Lack of community and conversation

YouTube: Video sharing site with the power of a search engine.

Pros: Little censorship over the content you can post, video is becoming the most engaging content, links are clickable from the description box as well as the video itself

Cons: Visibility is low unless you have over 100,000 subscribers

Social Media Strategy: Creating a game plan

Before you can start building your social media following, you first have to have a plan of attack. Social media won't know what hit it, babe!

1. That means you need to know who your audience is so you can target them directly.

Think about your ideal client, the perfect pairing of challenge and fun. Your muse when it comes to your line of work- this is the customer that drives your business. Who loves what you have to offer and keeps coming back for more because you fit perfectly with their needs. 

Take my ideal client for example: A budding female entrepreneur who is determined to show the world just how bad-ass her biz can be. She is a babe of any age that is ready to take her career by the reigns. She is fueled by the sentiment of making her industry better by offering something a little out of the box and is willing to invest in her convictions.

Obviously, you will reach customers that are outside of the realm of "perfect" but this will give you a pin-pointed target to aim for. Also keep in mind that the narrower your scope the easier creating content will be!

2. It's okay to start small.

I understand the urge to go all in with everything you do. I am totally the same way- especially when it comes to my business. But social media is one of those things that can get overwhelming FAST. Remembering that the path to success is a marathon and not a race will definitely curb a quick burn out. So, choose one thing- one goal that you want to tackle- and then move onto the next. Mastering social media in bite sized pieces rather than trying to eat the whole cake at once will give you the stamina to push forward and reach bigger goals.

3. Delegating can save your sanity.

Trying to stay on top of writing blog posts, emails, client projects, current orders, and social media can be a little taxing. As a business owner, you have to know what you can handle and how much is too much. That means if you have a team, delegating social media might just help you gain some clarity on other tasks. Or, scheduling your posts out ahead of time can save you lots of time in the long run and free up some space for doing something for you, like showering or remembering to eat lunch ;)

4. Remember to track your results.

It's so important to not let your goals get lost in the mud, so reserve time weekly or monthly to reflect on your stats. Look at where your traffic is coming from, how many click throughs each post received, and how many email list subscribers came as a result from your social posts. See if you are on track to meet your goals, or rework your goals dependent on how your audience is responding to your content!

5. Be consistent above all else.

It's been proven again and again that consistency will help you see faster results. So pick a time (or reference the guides below) to share and do it every. day. Your audience will not only grow to expect your content, but also look forward to it. Consistency in time, content, and style is sure to create ease in your strategy and client experience.

6. Let your audience see who you really are by being relatable!     

It's easy to get in the trap of trying to be perfect all the time. But dammit, we are all human. Let your audience see you for you and, ya know what? They'll grow to like you even more. The great thing about being yourself is that no one else can be you. Being you is the most unique thing you do, so show them your messy work space, or talk about your failures! Show them you're human and they will trust your judgement because you've been in their shoes.   

7. Toot your own horn and tell them why you're awesome!

This can be one of the hardest things to remember as a business owner. Before people can start buzzing about how great they think you are you have to tell them how great you are. As an introvert, I struggle with this the most. I hate talking about myself! But something amazing happens when we start believing in ourselves... other people start believing in us too! So brag about your products and throw confetti when you meet your goals! Your followers will pick up on your vibe and it just might spread around ;)

8. Create a sense of community.

We all love to feel connected, and including your followers in conversations will do just that. When we feel included we also have the tendency to want to include others. So rather than just sharing your current blog post and shoving it out into the social media abyss, add a call to action that will engage your audience. Asking questions, taking polls, and the like will get your followers invested and also help you get to know them along the way.

Social Media Strategy: Put Your Plan To Action

We've covered why social media is important, what platforms are right for your biz, and exactly how to use social media to get the results you want. Now all you have to do is make it actionable! That's where the Social Media Marketing Kit comes into play. It takes the guess work out of social media and tells you what to do and when to do it.

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