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Hey There, babe.
I'm alex.


I empower female entrepreneurs to build badass online businesses


The Blog

The Lady and Company blog is your new favorite place to learn about all the things. I am giving away all my strategies so you can use them inside your own business to reach success. I share no-fluff how-to's, tutorials, and insider secrets 2-3 times a week. Check it out...    

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Brand Coaching

The best thing you can do to jumpstart your business is create a cohesive brand to start engaging your customers. My branding services will let your personal style shine and give your online business a solid foundation to build your empire on. Check out my branding packages...  


"I believe that the future starts with YOU. Your brains and your business can create an impact in the world. Your work is worth the investment."

A little about me...

 Alexandra Lawless | Owner, Branding Coach, & Empowerment Guru

Alexandra Lawless | Owner, Branding Coach, & Empowerment Guru

I'm Alex, the lady behind Lady & Company Creative. I adore helping other female entrepreneurs kill it with their business by creating badass brands that showcase their passions. I create websites that work and brand strategies that will put your business on the track to success.  

My Passion: There comes a moment in everyones life when they discover a dedication within themselves to do something larger than they thought possible. For me, unearthing this passion stemmed from my appetite to prove to the world how badass and inspiring us ladies can be. Pair that with my creative inclination and my ability to see the best in people, and thus came about Lady and Company Creative. I truly believe that grounding my business out of positivity and empowerment is just what new business owners are looking for. I aim to create cohesive brands that reflect your core values and company culture.  So, let's do this, babe!


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