I see ya, babe!

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Owning a business is crazy stuff.

You love it, but you’re also left spinning your wheels wondering what to do next

…because you have so.many.awesome.ideas.

 Take that worry hat off, babe. I got you.


 Settle in, and make yourself cozy…

You belong here- your mess, your vision, your overwhelm, and your big big dreams.

I help passionate female entrepreneurs grow their businesses with intentional brand-focused strategy. We hit on the nitty-gritty, and build brands that showcase the most unique part of your business: YOU.

I take the guess work out of what you should be doing next in your business to help you reach your goals, and equip you with action plans to succeed like, yesterday. All while staying true to the passion and purpose you have set in your business.

I’ve got happy, hustling clients from across the world kicking booty and taking names with their cohesive brands (ya know, brands that stick to a common purpose, and allow you grow as a human right along with it!)

I work from a ‘mama bird’ mentality: I learn to teach. Whatever I learn along the way, I turn around and give it to you. There are no secrets, no gimmicks, no pay-me-more-to-learn-more tactics. Just love, guidance, and little nudges out of the nest.

Because, I full-heartedly believe in you:

• I believe you have dreams you can achieve.
• I believe you can go to sleep at night excited about work the next day.
• I believe you are capable + worth investing in.
• I believe you deserve to live a life with more freedom to pursue the things you love.

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Hey, love!

I’ve been around the biz block a time or two: I’ve started businesses, watched them fail, found my passion, and built this business from the ground up. I know just how scary, fun, and empowering owning a business can be.

I also know that creating a business that is reflective of your personality is where the magic happens.

Tuning into what I’m truly passionate about and listing to my inner intuition pulling me towards my calling, has made all the difference in the world for the success of my business.

I know, I know, I say that like finding “your calling” is easy. But, really, babe, it is! I believe that we each go through certain life experiences to help us show up for others in the ways we once needed. And, if we use that as the motivating factor behind our businesses, everything else falls neatly into place.


Because in the end, who each of us is, serves a greater purpose than to simply just exist. We have beautiful brains that are capable of incredible things! So, let’s build our businesses through that!

The biggest motivator behind my business is womankind. Us ladies have so much to offer, but all too often women second-guess themselves into inaction. It’s not our fault, though- for the majority of existence, women have been taught to cause as little disruption as possible. But, that stops at LCC!

I say shake things up, try something new, take pride in your feelings, and fight like freaking hell to get exactly what you want.

Remember you were put on this earth for a purpose. USE IT! Create a business, serve others, and rule the freaking world!

I believe in you.